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Pretty Little Liars "I'm A Good Girl, I Am" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

As the season gears up for one of the biggest finale this show will ever see (or so I've heard), the last few episodes are very important. Clue wise and story building wise. The biggest story right now, is Ali going to be found guilty or not guilty? 

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with the outcome, seeing as I think the lawyer against Ali is in -A's pocket and for all I know the whole jury could be, too. Because how else would the lawyer have known how to counter act that amazing move that Ali's lawyer did. Saying the thing about her broken arm that never fully healed. My thing that bugged me was, if the whole archery thing wasn't true, why didn't Ali just come clean right then and be like, hey, my friend actually won that for me. But then again, the lawyer probably would have counter acted that move as well with a comeback that would have made Ali guilty either way. Because -A so wants to get all five girls in jail.

Andrew, so not liking you. Especially when you've suddenly popped up, literally behind Aria or when Mike was getting attacked, you just so happened to let your phone die? Yeah right. Not to mention that little hint on his thing for the yearbook saying how he knows how to shoot arrows. Hello, that's what Caleb and Ezra were getting attacked with! Just put two and two together and Andrew was the one who attacked poor Mike, who I'm glad wasn't added to the already growing list of bodies that -A has collected over the seasons. But I was so mad at Caleb during that whole scene that I wanted to throw my remote at him. It was basically because of Caleb that Mike got in trouble. I'm sure if Ezra had the day he had in mind, that Mike would have been fine. When they came up on Mike's car, my heart literally dropped. Thinking this was the end of Mike, but it actually wasn't. -A just wanted to scare Mike into not saying anything. Thank goodness that's all that was.

Really Caleb, stop and take a picture? I can see where he was coming from and I'm surprised that -A didn't hack into his phone and stop him from using it, but Tanner took the picture all wrong and the attack all wrong for that matter. Saying how they should have filed a report in the town that it happened in. Yeah, right. Ms. Tanner, you've totally shot up on my -A suspect list. Ok, I realize that the number one suspect on my list changes almost every episode, but still, the way she reacted with the encounter with Mike and how she reacted with Ali being found guilty (why was she even there, has she ever been there before?), was just way off and why did Aria and the rest seem so afraid of how she reacted? Yes, they got arrested and for what, I'm not even sure. But with the looks of it, them all getting arrested was probably -A's doing. Makes me wonder if Tanner is in -A's pocket as well. Which wouldn't surprise me with how she's shut out Toby. Who almost called it quits because of it tonight.

Speaking of which, my favorite couple is back on! Spoby! Oh that scene when they kissed was long awaited, but well worth the wait! So glad that Toby finally had had enough and didn't care if he got in trouble for being with Spencer. Toby, you've made my nice list again. Not that you were ever really off of it, but yeah.

That whole scene with Caleb and Ezra was pretty creepy. Not to mention Caleb sitting in Ezra's house waiting for them was just way weird. That whole fight was awful. I was on Ezra's side. I think Caleb has alter motives. Trying to get Hanna out is a good thing, but not if it involves Mike getting sent to jail or worse. They should know by now what happens if someone gets close or tries to help tell the truth about -A by now.

Yeah, I'm not totally surprised to learn that Ali was found guilty. But really, would a guilty person be crying her eyes out? I think not jury! I call for a retrial! Hello, you've got the wrong girl. If Toby was on the force and actually in on the case, he could have told you that much. But sadly, that's probably just another ploy in -A's mind to get all the girls into one place and do some damage. 

-A scene of the week. Which didn't make sense until I saw the commercial for next week. -A had built a mini version of something and had the girls trapped inside. Scary times ten! What does -A have in store for our favorite liars in the season finale? Hopefully one where they all get out alive and with a clue for themselves on who -A might be. Not just one for us.