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Pretty Little Liars "The Melody Lingers On" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Something big is coming. Maybe it's because of all the tension building up to the big -A reveal, although at this point, it should be known as big -A clue coming, since we won't know who -A is by the season finale, it'll just be one shocking clue that may lead us to know who -A might be. But hey, that's what keeps this show going and me watching until I find out who is torturing our beloved foursome. 

In tonight's episode, the girls face Ali's trial. Will they or won't they go? Even after Mrs. Hastings strongly advised all three girls not to go. Though she couldn't do much with Emily and Aria, but it looked like she was thinking on doing something with Spencer if she dared enter that courtroom. Which she finally ended up doing and I couldn't be more happy that Spencer actually decided to go. Those four girls need to show someone that Ali isn't the bad guy.

But the lawyer seems to be literally in -A's pocket which is scary. Because how else would he know all that stuff? About the kidnapping not being real and the whole thing with Jason and Ashley. With how he was talking, he sounded like he knew exactly what to say. Sure, that could be signs of a good lawyer, but I've watched this show long enough to wonder if -A was controlling him somehow in order to keep Ali in jail and Hanna if they can help it.

I know the last three episodes are supposed to be some clues coming out and helping us find out who -A is and I was trying to look, but I for one, didn't see anything. Unless you just count everybody totally acting suspicious and what was up with Andrew? He jumped from creepy to the top of my -A list. Ok, I don't think he might be -A, but he is mighty suspicious. First the whole thing saying how Mona deserved to die because she wasn't a good human being and then quickly rethinking on that seeing how he saw how Aria looked after he said that horrible thing. Then to him kind of stalking Mona's house after the girls were oddly let in when the door was locked. Was he the one in the house and set the music up to play or what? And what was up with that music? I needed sub titles or something. Maybe it'll be explained later on on why the music was chosen, but still, it was creepy and I knew it had to mean something. What was up with the weapon thrown through the window that the girls seemed to not hear? I feel that the closer we get to the climax and I do have a feeling something major is about to happen, that the more questions I have. Though I should be used to that by now. 

Even Caleb, who I never thought was up to something, seemed to be acting a bit odd tonight. Like when Varjack finally called Aria who freaked out since she isn't even one of the numbers that called Varjack, didn't pick up her phone and Caleb just took it out of her hand and answered. Then that creepy French song started playing. But the point of all of this is, that in that one moment, when Caleb was off in his own little world, he hesitated. Why? Is he in on something and we don't know it? That would hurt Hanna like there's no tomorrow and the girls would be furious with him. I'm not sure if he's -A, but I think they are making a pretty good job at trying to make everybody suspicious. 

Hanna seems to have forgiven Ali on the whole "take the plea thing even though she didn't thing" and seems to be getting answers out of Ali. Ali seems to have been talking to -A this whole time and no one knew it. But she believes she was talking to Mona. I think the girls are right in thinking that -A was making it seem like it was Mona, when in reality, it was -A all along. And who were those twins at the trial? Someone important? A hint at a twin theory again or what? That was just odd and this show never has coincidences. 

Tippy lives! That was a surprise to see at the end. Could that be a hint about who -A might be? But then the weapon thing that was found in Mona's house was also in a doctor's place and it was from the ice cream place. The one that Emily, Aria and Spencer went to. I'm thinking that was a big clue, too, but what it adds up to, I couldn't even begin to guess. Also, -A is shredding documents. But not just any documents. Stuff on a person named Paul Varjack. Who in the world is that? Someone we've met before or someone who hasn't even made it to the show yet? I'm thinking it's someone important. Maybe Andrew? Who knows, but I am getting super excited for whatever climax they have in store for us fans and it better be a good one with all the build up they've done for it.