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Pretty Little Liars "Welcome To The Dollhouse" (Spring Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Big -A reveal! Sort of. I've watched this show long enough to know not to expect too much out of a big revelation and one that was hyped up as big as this one, I knew it couldn't be too much. Especially with two more seasons coming. A show this focused on it's main story line, you know you won't see the true villain until the very last episode. 

The girls get kidnapped by -A. I think this is the first time that -A has been this close to the girls. -A seriously has too much time on their hands. Since he built replicas of each girls' room and not to mention Ali's living room as well. It wasn't as creepy as a place as I would have liked it to have been, but it still had it's moments. Like when they wouldn't obey every command, I shutter to think what would happen.

Mike is gonna be the happiest guy on the planet! Because Mona is in fact alive! He was thinking this whole time that he had been the one who did something for -A to really kill her off. But I believe that she went missing because -A kidnapped her and stuck her in that awful place by herself. The first time we saw her, I thought she was brainwashed. She was pretending to be Ali. So much so that I really did think she had lost it. But then on one of their midnight meetings, we learn that Mona knows who she is. If she doesn't go along with being Ali, who knows what would happen. Which makes me wonder if Ali getting sent to jail wasn't part of -A's plan. I think the real Ali was going to be there.

So far, here are the clues that I think are important to finding out who big -A is. The prom for one. Why create a prom they already had? What was so special about it? I think -A was really at that prom as someone else and they didn't know it. Plus, I read that the song 'Unwritten' and when that song came out and such, is a huge clue. I was wondering why they choose an old song to play in that part. 

Another big part and I'm hoping that there are going to be a bunch of captures and gif's coming of it, is the vault that Spencer felt the need to get in. With the little run in with -A, I'm surprised Spencer didn't think to pull off the mask. Though I have a feeling if she did, -A probably wouldn't have had their face underneath. I've read a couple times that the clues will help the girls figure out who it truly is. Which makes me wonder, is -A still someone we know?

It was awesome to see so many people finally on board the -A train. But in return, I hope that doesn't mean that the death tole will rise. You know what happens when more people find out about -A. Though that does go to show that -A was spending all their time on the girls and that left no one to spy on anyone else. I wonder if that's a clue too? And what was up with that random phone call from Mrs. Hastings to Melissa that Andrew was listening in on? Was that a hint or is Andrew helping -A or what in the world was with that? I feel like that was another hint in itself. Toby, Ezra and Caleb working together was just awesome, but when they found -A's lair, that look on Toby's face when he saw the video of the girls, just broke my heart.

The big reveal, that we actually knew of two episodes ago. Charles is -A! But who is Charles? My theory is, is that it's someone we know already and here is my list: Wren, Noel, Lucas or Andrew. Charles is also related to Ali, Mrs. D and Jason. It's the twin that Marlene has teased us with for a long time. There are a bunch of theories going around now and one I'm hoping isn't true. Sasha did say that the reasoning for -A being -A is dark, but I don't think it'd go down the road that I keep seeing, though I hate to admit it, it does make sense. That Charles wanted to be a girl, that's what the flashback of the dress Ali found was about and that's why he was sent to Radley and probably while in Radley, he met Mona and heard all about her being -A and torturing these group of girls that he has probably hated for along time. Makes sense, but I'm hoping there's a different reasoning to it. I'm wondering if something happened that Charles had to be sent away. Maybe for not being crazy, but for something else. Remember that story from the first Halloween episode? Maybe that was true. Maybe Charles killed the real Jason and that's why he was sent away. That's another really disturbing theory, but I'm just hoping there's a different one. Sure -A has to be crazy with all the murders and stuff he's done to the girls, but there's probably something else in play that we don't know about yet.

Ok, they've had better season finales. I think the best one so far was, when we thought Ezra was -A, but not all episodes can be like that and not every season finale can we all get the answers we want. They have to keep the show going somehow. 


  1. i expected more answers from the episode . now it has left me with more questions than any answers .
    if Mona was alive all the time , was she also alive when she was in the car trunk?
    if charles is jason's twin why is he torturing the girls ?
    how was mona reveal who A was ?(her plan before she "died")
    what is happening ?????????????????????????

    1. also when charles was standing so close to spencer , he did nothing ...why ?
      if he really wanted the girls to be his dolls, why didn't he just catch her as she was trying run after all ?

  2. i think he wasn't really standing there. it was just in spencer's head. even though it's weird he didn't run after them... but maybe he knew that there was no way of them getting out anyway =S

  3. I hear more questions will be answered when the season comes back in the summer. Marlene announced last night that Charles will be revealed in the summer. How and who will know we will have to wait to see. Maybe Charles had to go somewhere. Either he's mentally ill or maybe he wasn't really Mrs. D's son and Mr. D never wanted that secret to get out and maybe it's hate/revenge?


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