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Scorpion "Once Bitten, Twice Die" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I'm gonna start off with saying another couple has formed! Nope, not Walter and Paige and in a way I'm kind of nervous if they ever do get together. Sometimes that's when the show starts to die, so I'm thinking they might have a few moments but nothing too dramatic, not like what happened to Toby and Happy tonight! At the beginning, from the way the first conversation was going, I was thinking Happy was having second thoughts on their "moment" they had a few weeks ago. But at the end, that conversation went out the window when they kissed! Toby looked so happy that he finally had a moment with the girl he's been trying to start something with from the beginning of the show, that Happy told him to shut up and not ruin the moment by saying something stupid.

Not one of their best episodes, but it was still a fun, edge of your seat, ride. Wondering how they were going to get a cure to one of the Presidents that had gotten poisoned while in the middle of peace talks is no easy task. Especially when the place they are at is put on lock down until they find the real killer and find out what he get poisoned with in order to cure him. 

I'm glad that Paige is being made more useful. She is still there to try and help situations out and boy did she do that tonight, but she's more so then that. I also love that Gallo is going to protect the team no matter what. He has worked with them long enough to know how they work and that even if their plan is out there, it'll eventually work out and him sticking up for Paige was just awesome. Paige staying is exactly what they needed in order to ice arguing. Something the other lady couldn't do and since Paige is taking a night class, that came in very handy when trying to figure out how to handle certain people and how to figure out what the poison was.

I love it that Gallo has become sort of a father figure to Walter. Saying that having the snake bite him in order to find out which snake had the right poison they needed in order to find out what poisoned the President, was a pretty high risk and one he hopes Walter will never do again, was just sweet. So, that'll make it even harder whenever the secret Gallo is hiding will come out. Secrets always find a way out and the longer they are kept, the harder it is for the people you love and are trying to protect. It has something to do with the thing Walter made for them when he first got arrested as a kid, but other then that, nothing slipped out and maybe never well. Though, I have a feeling it won't be the last time we hear of it.

Even though each episode, we don't have a full on Walter and Paige moment, but we have mini ones, which are just as awesome. When Walter was slipping under due to the poison, he almost let it slip that on Valentine's day night he had a date planned and that he broke it off. He was actually apologizing for it, too! Never thought he'd do that, but he did. Another thing I didn't think he'd say was "I'm proud of you" to Paige as she walked off to take her final, which I'm sure she'll ace. And another thing that was awesome, was that Walter got a police escort for Paige so she could get to her test on time. Walter has said a bunch of times that he doesn't believe in love, but when he does these things, I doubt that when he says that, he actually doesn't mean it. Or maybe he just doesn't know what he feels quite yet, but hopefully with time, he'll realize that there is such a thing as love and that Paige will be the one to help him realize that.