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Scorpion "Young Hearts Sparks Fire" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's refreshing that this show isn't a total cop show. I mean, it is, but it isn't in a way. They don't always deal with dead bodies. Each case is different, fun and exciting. I look forward to watching this show each week. Though sometimes, some episodes aren't always great, they seem to make up for that fact in the next episode. This one was one of those episodes this week. You thought it was going to be a simple, find the lost kids in the woods, but it turned out to be much more exciting then that!

It is weird that Gallo decided to use the very system that Walter had set up for him, that made them not like each other. Why that was important, I don't know, but Walter thought it was weird and it was. I just don't know if that'll be later answered or what. But it was still interesting. Something that was used for something bad, they made into something good.

Throughout the beginning, I was thinking that them finding the kids so quickly couldn't be the whole story. That focusing on the helicopter that Sylvester was complaining about having to go up in (that poor guy! :( ), that something horrible was gonna happen. They so should have listened to Sylvester. Especially with the crazy winds they were having and now not only are the kids lost, but the rescue team is lost as well. 

Totally loving Gallo more in each episode. He really knows his team now and knowing where they might go and not willing to leave any man/woman behind, was just awesome seeing him act like that. Even if it meant that they almost died, he still waited for Sylvester to return.

So yes, the helicopter crashed, like Sylvester was worried about and that ended up getting the pilot seriously hurt. But this whole awesome side story, made Sylvester a hero! It was so sweet that Sylvester wasn't willing to leave a man behind, either. So much so that he basically risked his life in order for both of them to come back. The whole thing that Sylvester said about his dad to the pilot and then the pilot in return, saying he wouldn't mind calling him his son, was just so touching and awesome! Though I was hoping that Sylvester would have gone to see him at the end, but that didn't happen.

Toby and his relationship chart was hilarious! Walter, the guy who doesn't believe in love and even more so now knowing that the reasons the kids even got lost was because one of their counselors was wanting to find the perfect spot to propose, is totally falling in love, weather he wants to admit it or not. The end, when you thought that perhaps, they weren't gonna get out of the forrest fire that had started, Walter and Paige almost held hands! Walter's reaction though? Was to erase all of Toby's work he put into that chart! 

Happy and Toby. Where to even begin. First, in the beginning with the bet on how far she could get the paper airplane and failed. Then her trying it again, but either way, she was gonna lose because Toby wanted so badly to take her out on a date. But the whole thing when Toby almost said that he loved Happy, was probably the best moment ever! Well, so far. I have a feeling that whenever Walter and Paige admit their feelings to each other, will top that list, but still, it's a favorite moment for me right now. Of course, it was said when Toby thought they were going to die and that's what Happy blamed it on, but that's when Toby admitted that he really felt that. So, we never know if they actually went on a date, but I have a feeling we will hear about it in episodes to come.