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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Love In The Time Of Hydra" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Grant helps Agent 33 get her old looks back. Wait, did that say he helps someone? Yep, it does. Maybe it's because I just don't trust the guy at all, but I think there's something else going on with him. I mean, he doesn't help someone like that without getting something he wants in return. Then there's that bogus story he told her about his reuniting with his family. If she only knew the full story. That he actually killed his whole entire family because of how he thought they treated him (well, let's face it, I think his whole family was a bit crazy), then I think she'd think differently about working with him. But there's the whole thing that he helped her get her original look back, but then there's the kidnapping.

What are they doing to the guy? Getting revenge for what they did to her or is it something more then that? Again, knowing Grant, there probably is something more to it then that. Seeing as it looks like Agent 33 has feelings for him, but she should know by now that he only has feelings for Skye. Even though it looks like that door has been shut and locked for good. But Grant doesn't seem to be the one to give up so easily or maybe it's the crazy part of him that won't give up so easily. In an odd way, I think Skye kind of makes Grant more human, but I don't think it's good for at least Skye, to be around someone like that. At least, not right now.

If Coulson only knew what Mack and Bobbie were really up to, I think he wouldn't be doing all that he's doing with Skye. Though it's clear that he doesn't agree with it one bit, since Skye is a friend and I think their relationship is deeper then that. I think that's why May kind of had to force him to go through with shutting Skye out of the world by bringing her to a remote cabin while they try to sort out her powers. But what was it that Simmons gave her? It sounded like more of a device that might be bad then a device that might be good.

Not only are they messing with Fitz, but he finally seems to be getting back to his normal self or at least what passes for normal now for him, they are kind of messing with Simmons. Who's hardly said anything nice to Fitz since she returned. I think she's the one who needs to realize she doesn't deal well with change. I don't think anybody does, but still, ignoring something or someone does not help the situation and only makes it worse. I mean, they were best friends. That should count for something. But ever since then, we've never gotten back to the Fitz/Simmons relationship that I love and that I actually miss from season one. Which makes me realize it hasn't been that long since we haven't had it, but still, it's been long enough that I miss it. I just hope that Simmons has a change of heart and realizes that her friends are still there, they are just different now.

Ok, not a big surprise as to what Mack and Bobbie were helping on. I mean, I guessed it a while back and I'm still surprised I'm right on that. But still, I am surprised that they are seemingly going behind Agent Fury's back. Though no one but Coulson knows that Fury is in fact alive, but still, I wouldn't want to get on that guys bad side. He's the one who put Coulson in charge. And the people in charge of the new "shield" don't know that the alien blood is out of Coulson's system. He still acts a bit shady, but he's always done that. That's nothing new. But if they aren't careful, they are gonna get on everybody's bad side on Coulson's team and I don't think that's a good place to be.