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Castle "At Close Range" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"At Close Range" or as I like to call it, the Kevin Ryan hour. They really need to highlight his character more often. It never dawned on me how amazing of a detective he really is. He's always been one of my favorite characters, but this episode just proved more of why I like him. Even when they thought they had the killer, Ryan knew something didn't feel right and so he looked into it until they caught the true killer. Who it ended up being was a surprise. At least, to me it was.

In a way, Ryan reminded me a lot of Castle. Always digging into the story or case when something doesn't feel right so they get all the puzzle pieces just right and send the true killer to jail. But it was good that Ryan did that. Even though he let the case get to him at times, it was still interesting to that side of him. Though, it would have been nice to see a family reunion with him and Jenny at the end, but at least we got a family reunion. Just one with his brother-in-law and his wife instead. It seems that their marriage might last, even after all he did.

So, Ryan's side job ended up turning to murder when one of the people at the banquet ended up getting shot and killed, but why? It was pretty obvious that Lopez and Caroline had an affair. How they were interacting with each other and his need to talk to her before the big speech and award came was just one big flag that there was more to them then just friendship. That was confirmed, but I'm so glad it wasn't why he died. I would have felt with how intense and in depth this case was, that it would have been a let down if it was just going to be an angry wife seeking revenge.

I'm glad it didn't end up being Ryan's brother-in-law. He was involved, just not the killer himself. All he was trying to do, was do little side jobs to keep providing for his family so they wouldn't have to change anything. So, I could only imagine what Ryan was thinking when he had to arrest his brother-in-law. Since, he was basically like a brother to Ryan, that must have been very hard for him to do.

In the end, it ended up being Megan. Lopez's right hand man, or woman in her case. Caroline thought that Lopez was on the up and up. But she never thought Megan should be apart of that winning team. Even though, Megan might be a big part as to why he is where he is today. It was just a surprising twist of events and I love it when Castle does this kind of episode once in a while.