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Castle "Hong Kong Hustle" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Has Kate met her match? When a Hong Kong detective shows up, Kate starts to think about her career and wonder if she should try something new. But not everything is as it seems as we learn later on from her Hong Kong counterpart.

Of course, Kate was thinking before she even met Zhang, that her life needed change. I mean, the reason why Kate became a cop, isn't a reason for her anymore. She caught her mother's killer. So, I think she's at a crossroad in her life. Continue being a cop or should she seek another road? She thinks she should have been captain by now and I agree, but I think she'd miss the field work, a lot. And she's tried something new, but that was a bust. So, where is that new road for her? Will she find it or will she just decide to be a cop forever? I'm not sure, but it is an interesting storyline they've started.

Especially with Zhang getting involved. She's like Kate, but according to Kate, Zhang is better. Zhang has a better life, a movie star husband, perfect kids and an amazing career. But Zhang needs to add actress to her list. Since she puts up an amazing front of her life that is actually in shambles. Because of her amazing career, she lost her husband (divorced), she barely sees her kids, etc. So, in reality, Kate seems to have the better life. Zhang always felt that once one career ended, she needed to move up the ladder. That's not always the best, as she proved. So, hopefully Kate takes that into consideration when she thinks about changing careers.

Their new case was interesting, but aren't they all? Not many cases are too boring. Especially for Castle. Zhang gets involved because she knew the victim, personally. So, she wants to seek revenge and doesn't care what happens to anyone else. Which messes up some situations for her and for another investigation that's going. 

In the end, I didn't see the killer coming. It ended up being the restaurant owner. The one that Henry ate at all the time. All because she got greedy. Wanted to have this property that someone else always kept wining and so she thought that murder would be her choice or jail. But that's not all. Henry was going to free one of the ladies waitresses from debt and the girls best friend wouldn't stand for that. She didn't want to be left alone. So, her solution was to kill Henry. 

I am really interested to see Kate's journey on trying to figure out what to do now with her life. But I'm hoping it won't be too much of a change. I'd miss Espo and Ryan too much or her being a cop, but I don't know. It depends on what type of job she wants to do. Still, it'll be exciting to watch and find out.