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Hawaii Five-0 "Nanahu (Embers)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

ATF agent, Kathy, steps in and helps solve the case of a serial killer who kills couples trapped in homes and burns them to death. Then disturbingly watches them, either in their home while they die or on a video camera. Pretty disgusting, but I actually really enjoyed this episode, a lot. Everything about it, I enjoyed.

I thought Danny and Amber's weekend get-a-way was going to be boring, but that was all proven wrong when Amber's secret husband roles into town looking for her! He seemed all nice and sweet when talking to Kamekono, but little did we know that he was actually a crazy, abusive guy and made Amber run away from home. That was a surprising twist on her character. 

Ok, how it was that the crazy husband found them faster then a bunch of detectives, made me a bit confused. I mean, detectives! And he's just a crazy husband who just so happened to maybe ask the right people in order to find out where they had gone for the weekend. Or he was just that determined and asked everybody until he found the answers he was looking for? I don't know, I just found that odd that none of Five-0 could figure out where they had gone, but he could. But that was forgotten when Danny and Amber were in major trouble and their perfect weekend turned into a nightmare. With Danny almost losing his life when he tried to protect the woman he loves. 

It was nice to see that Danny is still kind of "haunted" I guess, by what happened with his brother and the guy that killed him. I was actually surprised that story was brought up again. And here I was thinking that story was just swept under the rug and will never see the light of day. But maybe, just maybe, we will see it eventually.

Steve and his team don't really have an easy case this week, either. Seeing as their new case is a serial killer and an ATF agent lady who's seeking revenge of her own by working off the books to try to catch the guy after he murdered her husband. The minute we found that out, I knew that Steve was going to let her continue on the case. Though it didn't sound quite like he was going to, but look at his team, Steve has as soft spot for those kind of people and he knows what it's like to want revenge of someone who killed a loved one. So, it was no surprise when he let her continue.

Thanks to both of them working and it's a good thing they did work together, that they caught the guy before he killed himself and Kathy. He was out for revenge, too, but only because of Kathy describing him as not smart, etc. I was wondering how a man would burn down a whole hotel with everybody trapped inside, but that wasn't his intention at all. I think he planned it all along that Kathy and he were supposed to be there when that room burned and that's all he wanted. But Steve wasn't gonna go for that and turned out to be the hero, like most of the time, at the end. 

The golf scenes were just hilarious. I am not into golf, but I figured with how Grover was acting, that the lady, Michelle, must be a famous golfer. And her tips were exactly what Steve needed to actually make a good shot and to win the tournament at the end. One of which that Danny felt the need to attend, even though he was supposed to be at home recovering from his stab wound. So, in the end, I really loved this episode. It did miss the Steve and Danny banter, but they tried to make it up for that at the end. Still, it was one of the better episodes and is making me enjoy the show again.