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Movie Review: Furious 7

"Thought you'd leave without saying goodbye?" were the last words Paul Walker will ever say on the big screen as he road off with Dom in the final scene of the 7th and final movie of the most popular movie about fast cars out there and they went out with a bang too.

From the minute the movie started, to the minute the movie ended, it did what it did best. Have a ton of cars, a bit of racing and of course the craziest stunts I have ever seen on screen. Some of them made me wonder "is that even possible in real life?". Probably not, but that's what green screen is for. 

The minute Paul came on screen in the beginning, I got a bit teary eyed. Seeing him trying to transform into domestic life was the most hilarious thing ever. But the whole team was able to get together for one last time, since some nut job (Jason Statham) decided to go up against this team. Why anyone would ever want to seek revenge on a team like this, when you have someone like Dom and Hobbs, is beyond me. But he did.

Once the action started and the storyline got into it, it actually made me forget that this was sadly, the last movie of the franchise and even worse, Paul's last movie as well. Until the very end when they did a beautiful tribute to the movies, but mainly focused on Paul. I'm sure they rewrote it after the tragedy. I'm assuming if what didn't happen to Paul, they probably would have done at least one more.

How a movie with these many sequels does successful is beyond me. It's kind of like when a TV show starts to become really popular way down the road. It just doesn't happen very often. But somehow, even I who hated the movies to begin, got hooked when the 4th movie came out (a lot having to do with Paul Walker, but still) and I've been hooked for a long time. So, thank-you to Paul for getting me hooked on a movie that I haven't regretted getting sucked into. It's been a fun ride.

My Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars