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NCIS: LA "Rage" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Callen is put in danger when he goes back undercover to stop a white supremacy group. But could it cost him his life?

It probably didn't help his cover at all, when he felt the need to try to turn one of the bad guys good, Charlie (played by Sean Harmon) and I was so hoping that story would turn out differently. Right off the bat, I liked Charlie and I didn't know much about him, but I figured that what he was doing was more forced then him wanting to do it. But we didn't learn until much later why Callen felt the need to try to turn him.

It was because Charlie reminded Callen of himself a lot when he was a teen. Those flashbacks were awesome. I believe this was the first time we ever saw a flashback of teenager Callen. Who if it wasn't for Hetty (who almost looked kind of scary with her younger make over, how in the world did they do that?), Callen probably would have gone down the same path that Charlie had. I didn't realize how much of an important character Hetty was to him. I mean, I always figured they were super close because of how many times he put his life in danger for her, but I never knew how close they were. She was that turning point in Callen's life and one he was hoping for, for Charlie. But that sadly never came to be.

Man, it's been a long time since we've seen Lisa. I remembered her, but I couldn't remember her at the same time, so I had to look it up to see if we've seen her on the show before. Even if she was the reason why Charlie died, I still liked her. For some reason, she reminded me of Kate a lot. Not sure why, maybe it was because of how she looked and acted, but she did. 

I just love it when Sam or Callen have to save each other. Their bond is just so strong that they are willing to do anything to get either one out alive. That was played off big time when they couldn't find Callen and Sam was going to do anything to get answers out of the guy they had. It was pretty awesome when Sam referred to Callen as his brother. If it wasn't for Sam, though, Callen probably wouldn't have made it out alive. Because when Callen blurted out that he was an NCIS agent, I was thinking "You're stupid! Why are you doing that?". But then a second later, we see Sam step into the room. 

Ok, Kensi and Callen as an undercover couple was awkward, but I actually thought they made a cute couple. I'm sure if Deeks was around, he'd be making so snide remark on their appearance or what they were doing or how they were acting because that's just him. 

In the end though, this episode was pretty exciting. Not at all how I thought it was going to turn about, though, but still, it was enjoyable.