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NCIS "Lost in Translation" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ellie got to shine in this weeks episode and face some fears as well. With a character development that I'm hoping will turn into something more in the future. I've always liked her character from the beginning. Sure, she's different and not like any of the characters (girls mainly), that they've had on the show before, but sometimes different and change is a good thing. A show can't stay the same all the time. It is hard for a show that has been this popular to lose someone like Ziva, but they are trying to make it work and I think they are starting to realize what that is.

Giving Ellie more depth was nice. Hearing that story of her time in the war, while not actually having to be out in the war, it was still touching hearing her talk about it to the brother, Qasim. Of course, Gibbs was listening in. It was kind of obvious that was going to happen. So, it makes me wonder if that's why he decided to put Ellie out in the field like that for the first time? I'm sure that had a major role in his thinking. Getting her to face her fears. 

Then there were the Tony and Tim moments. Or what I call it the comedy relief part of the show. Tim and Jimmy's prank was awesome. Tony is always getting the rest of the team for something. April Fools or otherwise. Though we haven't seen that from him in a while (maybe he really is growing up), seeing this side from Tim and Jimmy was just hilarious and something I wasn't expecting. Tim is ranting over him being the face of NCIS. I do gotta admit, the bad boy side does work well on Tim. But that whole banter and the look on Tony's face when he realizes it was all a prank, was just priceless.

I wasn't sure how the case at the end was going to turn out. What was up Gibbs' sleeve when they were basically forced to obey the demands of a terrorist (Qasim's brother), to do a prisoner exchange? You knew he wasn't going to go through with it, but how was he going to stop something that came directly from the boss? Well, that's where Ellie comes in. Her scared Doctor routine was just a trick to get Gibbs in there to knock out the bad guys and get the Marine and Qasim out of there alive. 

Of course, Gibbs has to do something awesome and nice for Qasim at the end. He reveals that Qasim is coming back with them to be a translator for NCIS. Will this be the last we see of Qasim? I hope not.