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NCIS: New Orleans "Rock-A-Bye Baby" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A simple kidnapping case isn't as simple as you may think in last weeks episode of NCIS: New Orleans. 

I was thinking that it might have been the real mother that wanted the baby back, but even I was thinking that would be way too easy. That was confirmed when the real mother was pregnant again. So, who wanted the baby? 

It went down many different roads. At first, we were thinking it was a spy that wanted the baby, but it wasn't actually, it turned out to be a couple that knew the adopted parents and that have been struggling for years to adopt one. They had lost a child and the husband knew that his wife would get better (was really depressed) once she had a baby and it actually seemed to work. But I could see why a depressed mother wouldn't be the best situation for a baby. Still, the end was really hard to watch. When Pride had to go take the baby away from her. Though it wasn't all her fault because she didn't know that her husband had kidnapped the baby.

Aw, Agent Borin is back! Love it that she seems to just pop up randomly and since this episode hit home a little bit for her, she asked to stay on the case to see it through. At the end, it was nice to see that she realized she had to call her own father and apologize for everything that happened between them. I hope she actually went through with it, though and I hope that this isn't the last time we see her, either. I think she fits in well with the New Orleans cast and she has talked about joining NCIS, so hopefully, in the future, it'll happen.