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NCIS "No Good Deed" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Last weeks episode featured McGee's girlfriend, so I guess this week we get Tony's girlfriend. I am glad Tony has decided to finally have a serious relationship with someone. But I'm not sure how long term it seems to be. Especially when Sr. brought up the fact that Tony has finally made a commitment  and it seemed to give her cold feet about the whole thing which led to a serious talk with her and Tony. Still, it seems that they've made up, I'm just not sure how long the relationship will last. Hoping it will, but I don't know. Or maybe I'm just not quite over Tony moving past Ziva, who he probably would have married, if it was up to him.

I guess we can call Gibbs Mr. Fix It now. Since he fixed the rocky road that Tony and Sr. hit this week. Seems like there's always an obstacle that they have to over come when he comes to visit. This time, of course, Sr. messes up so it gets Tony to say something he probably wouldn't normally have said to his father face to face. Which led to Sr. going to crash at Gibbs' house, which could have been awkward and I guess it was, but it gave insight to Gibbs on how to fix the relationship. But that means that Sr has decided to move closer to Tony! Of course, that's gonna result in some weirdness all the way around. 

Their new case was pretty interesting. It had to do with a cold case, again, but it was still good. Though I do wish they would have something fresh and exciting, but still, I enjoyed it. This time, their new case that led to an old, had to do with a dead Marine who was actually trying to help out a girl who called out to him while he was going home for the weekend. But the weapon that ended up killing him, led to something that was called Fast and Furious. No, not the movie, it was a big sting that ended badly. Not only did it not go out as planned, but they lost 1300 guns in the process and have only recovered 700 of them.

In the end, it ended up being Zoe's contact that worked on the case, that had more info then he was saying. The bad guy, he turned into a CI for him, but lost contact with him. That's how it all went about. But instead of getting the guy alive, they had to kill him, so no answers were given as to why he did all this stuff. 

Oh, the beloved goldfish made a subtle, yet obvious appearance when Tony came home to his apartment. Every time I see them, I miss Kate more and Ziva even more. I do like Ellie, but nobody can ever replace those two ladies.