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Once Upon A Time "Poor Unfortunate Soul" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Oh Hook, why does Ursula hate you so much and what have you been hiding this whole time? Well, we finally know that answer and more when Ursula got her chance at a backstory that reminded me a lot of Ariel's story, but this isn't the time for that right now. It was still exciting and I actually have a change of heart about Ursula and so could Ursula herself.

Could this be the happy ending she was looking for? Finally making things right with her father after all this time or will she continue with the team and stick it out? I don't think so, since she finally told someone what Mr. Gold's real plan is and Hook isn't one happy man. Since the reason for him turning to good is Emma and Mr. Gold wants to turn Emma evil. Oh that and Emma is the love of Hook's life, too.

The only part of the newer seasons that I miss is the fact that David and Mary Margaret have like taken a back seat along with Henry who's actually more apart of this, he's just hardly ever there. I miss him working with them so much. But all shows take different routes at one time, I guess I should just be glad they are still apart of the show and weren't killed off or something.

Mr. Gold might get another member to the team, even if he lost one. That dream Regina had was just odd. She said that it was her protecting Robin from something (who I hope comes back soon), but that's not what I got from it at all. It felt to me like Regina was fighting her inner evil self and her inner evil self wants to come out again. But it's evident that she hates torturing August. Who finally tells them something. That the author is in the door of the actual book. Not in an actual door of a house. I guess that would be way too easy. So, how are they gonna get him out of the book?

Hook and Ursula's dad were a big reason why she became evil. Hook was just trying to help her after she helped them not to crash. But that just showed the mean side of her father. He wanting to get revenge on pirates who obviously were the reason that his wife died. But she doesn't want to be the one who kills them. Boy did she have a change of heart at the end of her flashback story, though. Thinking she deserved all the power and that everybody should bow down to her, etc. But why did she hate Hook? Because he's the one who took the only thing she had left of her mothers: her singing voice. Even after he said he wouldn't. But hey, he's a pirate, who was willing to do anything to bring down the dark one. Even if that meant breaking a friendship with Ursula. Glad he's not that guy anymore.

But it was cool when he saw his ship again after all this time. Not cool getting thrown over board, but Ariel comes to the rescue! She was somehow trapped in the glass bottle and was released when the boat returned to it's original state. Thank goodness she's back or else Hook might have died. But why would Ariel be back? Is she back just to be back or is there going to be more to it then that? 

I, for one, actually liked this episode. It was good, a lot of story line development happening, which is nice and it actually made me want to watch the next episode. Yes, I'm still very far behind, but with episodes like this one, hopefully it'll make me wanna get caught up faster.