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Person of Interest "Blunt" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Maybe I just started realize that while watching this episode, that I don't like the whole brotherhood storyline as much as I once did. Or maybe I never totally enjoyed it and that could be partly it, too. But once I heard that the new number and the brotherhood and everything involved in the episode, except for Root's side business, was connected to Dominic, I didn't totally enjoy this episode. It was good, but I prefer the Machine vs. Samaritan story any day. Not saying that the brotherhood is bad, but I just don't know what it is about it that I just don't quite find fascinating. 

Their new number, Harper, or whatever her true name was, was quite interesting and a bit different from the other numbers. First, she ended up being the bad guy, by stealing the drug money and ripping off the store that her supposed boyfriend worked for, then she ended up being the victim when that drug money was supposed to go to Dominic. She was good, though, I'll give her that one. Just because she could read people really well.

Everybody is starting to see through John's disguise and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. People just don't buy that he's a cop that just goes above what he's supposed to be doing, which I guess could be a bad thing, because if they aren't careful, their covers will be blown wide open and I'd hate to think of what would happen if it ever came to that.

Root and her small, but powerful little appearances. I'm wondering what the Machine is up to? And I thought that Root had left the business when the Machine had told her to stop looking for Shaw. But then again, maybe she just doesn't have anything else to do and just still helps out the Machine hoping that eventually it'll have a turn of heart (or whatever the Machine has) and lead her to Shaw. It sounds a bit scary and a bit surprising at what the Machine wants her to do. To build an app that could help build up a team against Samaritan. Hello, isn't that what Samaritan tried to do but it turned out deadly? Maybe she thinks it'll be different, but Harold and I both found it surprising that the Machine wants to build up a team. 

Little did Harold and John know, but their new number, Harper, in fact made a deal on the side with Dominic. I thought that finally, they got Dominic when the police barged in. I think that's what they were hoping for, but sadly, it turned out to not be that at all. Thanks to this whole play, though, Dominic realized how great of an assist Harper would be to their team and offered her a job. Not good at all, I'd say. Once you get to working for someone like him and if you fail, you won't be fired, you'll be dead.