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Scorpion "Cliffhanger" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, they don't call an episode "Cliffhanger" for no reason. So, I was expecting something major to come at the end, but what they threw at us, was shocking. Of course, a show that's been this action packed since the beginning, I'm assuming, is going to go out with a bang in their first season finale. But my question is, after a shocker like this, what are they gonna throw us next week in the actual season finale?

Their new case brought up all those horrible memories from Walter's past when they learned that the bad guy was taking that building hostage, all for revenge of his fiancé dying in the bombing that Walter created all those years before. Which made the truth finally come out of Gallo. What has he been hiding all these years? He has been hiding something, but being backed into a corner, he finally felt the need to tell Walter before he heard it from someone else. That Gallo, in fact, had learned three days prior to the bombing, what was going to happen and decided against telling Walter about it, since he knew he'd pull the mission. Sadly, that was the last straw Walter needed. To someone who has been a father figure to Walter, hearing that he lied again, was hard for him and for someone who doesn't know how to react in that situation, he just lost it. Enter Paige. That's where she's the voice of reasoning and gets Walter to think straight.

Finally, an episode featuring Ralph. Who, Toby and Happy both subtly pointed out to Paige at the beginning that Walter is having more of an affect on Ralph then they first thought. To dressing like Walter and then starting to do stupid stuff to save the day. Of course, it was partly Walter's fault that he told Ralph he was apart of the team. So, when Ralph learned that all hands were needed on deck for the job at hand, he felt the need to break out of school to go help save the day. He didn't care that he could have died in that shaft. All he wanted to do was save the day, like Walter. Which made Paige remember back to when Drew said that this wasn't the best place for someone like Ralph.

Which is one of the biggest reasons why Walter did what he did at the end. Cliffhanger was way more literal then I was thinking it was going to be. After Paige drops the bomb to everybody that she's leaving with Drew because she doesn't want Ralph to do something stupid again and lose his life, that Walter just went nuts. Losing the woman he loves, even if he still admits that he doesn't believe in that kind of stuff, was just the last straw. So, that fancy new car that the guy gave Walter just as a thank-you gift (I'm with everybody else, that's not a simple thank-you gift), was hopefully not the end of Walter. I was figuring something bad was gonna happen, but I wasn't expecting Walter's car to fly off the edge of a cliff and leave us with no sign of him being alive.

So, I'm going to prepare myself for the worst of the worst next week. Like I said, if they are already leaving us a cliffhanger like this, what's in store for next week? Will there be one? Either it'll be over the top exciting and will leave us with an even bigger cliffhanger then this one (what will they do next, though? Have the whole building blow up with the the team still in it?) or it could be lame. I'm hoping it'll be another shocker like this one.