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Dancing With The Stars: The Results

*Contains major spoilers!*

Ok, I have never done a DWTS review, but tonight's results were a shocker that I didn't see coming that I felt like I wanted to put in my two cents worth. So, here it goes.

To be completely honest, I'm shocked at who made it to the finals and who is in the finals, it's really anybody's game. Though I do have a favorite and I'm hoping my favorite wins, but I really have no clue who's going to win. Which I guess is a good thing, but still. Normally I can predict the out come, but my predictions were all thrown out the window when Derek went home tonight.

Yep, you read that right, in the last step to the finals, the pro who is normally the one in the finals or even wins the whole thing, went home tonight. That means, Rumor, Riker and Noah are going to compete. 

I am going to be honest, I'm surprised that Noah went through. He is amazing and I love his story, but I was not expecting him to make it this far. I guess that's what the show is all about, though. But with that being the case, like I said, next week, anything can happen. I'm not surprised that Rumor or Riker have made it this far. Rumor was the dancer that surprised me when I first saw her. No dance experience and she's been amazing. Riker has had dance experience, but not like this. Still, he's been my favorite since day one. Of course, I'm also a major fan of his band, so that helped a bit.

Still, I'm so shocked with the result show. Riker being the first one to know he was for sure going and his expression was priceless. To Val's scared look at the end thinking they were going home. I mean, being up against Derek, I'd be thinking the same thing. Still, if Riker doesn't win, I hope Rumor/Val do. Val has never won and Val is one, if not my favorite teacher on the show and so to see him finally win, would be amazing. Seeing his brother win last year was epic, so I could only imagine what it would be like to Val to win. Especially with someone who's never done anything like this before. Still, it'll be a very close race next week. And I can't wait for it to be Monday.

So, with Derek and Nastia out, who do you think will win? Who deserves to win? Feel free to comment below.