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Hawaii Five-0 "Kahania (Close Shave)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode has to be one of my favorite episodes. It had action and a big twist. Oh how I love twists. I used to not like them too much, but I have learned that once in a while, having a twist on a show, makes it way more exciting. This one was no different and one I didn't see coming. Ok, I guess that's why they call it a twist in the first place.

I guess if there was something I had to pick that I didn't like in this episode, was the fact that there was no Danny and no mention of where he even was. It's ok if stars aren't in a show, but to not have a mention of why he wasn't there, just doesn't cut it for me. So, because of that, no Danny and Steve banter that I love. Although, we got a little bit of that with Steve and Odell. Well, the fact that Danny was gone and that Steve let his cellphone in the car. I mean, he's a police man after all and probably on call, why would you do that?

Just a normal day for Steve. Getting a shave from Odell, but that's when everything changes. Poor kid comes barging in on them having been shot and of course, Steve jumps right up to help. Before they get to any phone (Odell had an "issue" with the phone company years before and has refused to have a land line since then), trouble comes. I.E. big black cars with a bunch of gang members inside wanting the kid. Why did they want him so badly? The kid just played it off as him witnessing a murder outside the place he worked, but little did we know, it was his murder that he witness and escaped from.

Meanwhile, Jerry gets arrested for break ins! Ok, I could kind of buy the break ins. Hasn't Jerry tried to do that before? But once I found out that people were getting hurt because of the break ins, I knew it wasn't him. Poor guy just needed a little extra cash, so he did the line up and he was picked. Once they got the true suspect, I could see why they picked him. Jerry and the true suspect looked an awful lot a like.

There's more to Odell then meets the eye. When you look at him, you don't expect him to be someone who came from money and has a law degree and he knows a thing or two, no matter how much he wants to deny it. But because of his father, he decided to spite him and become a barber. Ok, it was funny that he did this all because his dad hated the fact that he was a barbers son. 

Ugh, the look on Steve's face when he realizes that the kid, Eran, was in fact the bad guy at the end, just broke my heart. I was shocked when Steve went to the father and he learned of that news and then to see all his "trophies" that he had locked up over the years, was just heartbreaking. You don't see Steve cry very often and so to see that, was just the hardest thing to watch. Knowing that you were trying to save someone who murdered innocent kids, must have been hard for Steve to acknowledge. But at least they got the killer and the families can have peace now.