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NCIS: LA "Kolcheck, A." & "Chernoff, K." Episode Reviews

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, the story continues in order to find the missing oil tanker and to figure out why Arkady is involved in the first place. Since two episodes were basically tied together, I decided to combine them both in one review too. I love this story line, but somethings weren't surprising, other things were and some more news about Callen's family was brought up again which makes his mystery grow deeper.

For a long time and even after the mini cliffhanger we had from the season finale, I've been thinking that Arkady is Callen's father. He knows way too much to just have been a friend and a passerby in the Callen father story. Maybe he just knows a lot, but I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually tells Callen "I am your father". I thought that he was going to say that when we thought he was dying, but it didn't come out.

It was no surprise to me that Anna ended up being Arkady's daughter. He wanted to get her back way too badly. But it was a surprise to learn that they don't have a great relationship. With how he was acting, I was expecting a lovely welcome when she came home, but for her having been the one to save herself and then that awkward welcome home, there's way more to their story then Arkady was letting on. It was awesome to hear Anna's background story. Makes sense why she was able to do what she did with her kidnapper.

This all leads to someone buying something (sorry, I missed what it was) and sellers at some hotel that they have to stop from whatever they were going to do. To do that, they had to get into the actual rooms and plant a virus. I was thinking it was a trap the whole time, but it wasn't and I was a little disappointed in that, but it was nice that this story wrapped up and made way for Callen's family story again. I've missed that more, so it made up for the fact that there wasn't a huge cliffhanger like they've done in the past.

Now, like I said, I won't be surprised if Arkady finally admits that he is Callen's father and he's been telling this story from the "friend" point of view all along. But then again, after seeing that mysterious guy in the restaurant after Hetty told Callen that his father really was dead, wouldn't surprise me if that was his dad. However, I just wonder if Arkady is the father and this mysterious guy is the friend. I could be way off, but I've just been thinking about that for a while now. It would make sense. I don't know why he'd still keep a secret like that from Callen, but someone like Arkady and with what happened to Anna, I guess it makes sense in some weird way. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait until next season for answers.