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NCIS "Neverland" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"If you feel like you are getting played, you probably are" - why Mike, why would you bring up that rule in all this terrorist kid stuff? Are you trying to help out Gibbs or are you there for a bigger purpose? I still don't get why you were even there and neither does Gibbs. It was nice to see you again, but still, I have a feeling that you are trying to tell Gibbs something and Gibbs doesn't want to even think about it. But I have a funny feeling that maybe, just maybe, Gibbs might need to retire. Is that why you are there? To help him realize that Gibbs isn't right for the job anymore? Or am I reading way too far into this?

That's one of my main questions I had during the season finale this week. Why does Mike keep popping up? Just to be the boss and help Gibbs break down a kid? Gibbs never acted like that with a kid. He's always good with them and eventually breaks them down, but it seems like this kid was different then that. Maybe that's why Mike was there? I don't know, maybe I should just give up on trying to figure out why Mike was there, but I just can't stop thinking that maybe he has more to do with what's coming then I realize and I keep having a funny feeling that with the stuff Mike said in the finale, that maybe season 13 might be it's last. Let's face it, if Gibbs does retire, the show won't last without him.

Season finale was intense and man, that cliffhanger, what was up with that? But in a way, I'm not too worried. Maybe it's because I know how this show works. Yes, they've killed off important people before, but I doubt they'd kill off Gibbs. Gibbs wasn't by himself. Sure, he was in a 3rd world country with a big bad dude hanging around, but still, Tony and Ned's mom weren't far away. It would have been different if he was alone somewhere, but he wasn't. It was a surprise that Luke is the one that shot him, but I think that's what Mike was trying to help him figure out. That Luke really is bad and that Gibbs was played this whole time and Gibbs refused to listen to that. Or maybe Mike is there for a different reason, but who knows what that's about. But still, I just don't think anything bad will happen to Gibbs or maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

It was nice to see everybody play to their strengths. But Ellie kind of remained in the background. McGee got to show his nerdy side more then usual to help win this game that had a secret code when you won since no one else was able to finish the game. Abby did what she did best and found who shot Luke's parents. I was thinking that with the look on her face, it was going to be someone we knew personally, but it wasn't. It was just someone in "The Calling". But I am glad Tony and Ned's mom were the ones who went with Gibbs. I just like the Tony/Gibbs relationship and we don't see that much anymore.

Since it didn't conclude in the season finale and it seems like they've hardly made a dent in it, how long will it last? Hopefully it won't last too much longer. It's a nice storyline. Fresh and exciting, but just because it's good, doesn't mean you can make it last forever. Either way, I just feel kind of eh about it. I don't know why and I am hoping that Gibbs is ok after all, but I'm just not as excited as I have been in the past. I hope that's not a bad thing.