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NCIS: New Orleans "You'll Do" & "How Much Pain Can You Take?" Episode Reviews

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, we are back to Baitfish again. The new case led to that. Well, not really, but baitfish graces our screens at the end with a shocking twist I didn't see coming, that I felt the need to combine both episodes in one review. I almost felt like waiting until the season finale next week, but I have a feeling something major is coming that I wanted to save for just one review.

So, Cade is back in town. You know that spells trouble for Chris, but it's a new kind of trouble and one that I'm so glad went down a completely different route then what they were saying. All signs point to the fact that Cade shot and killed his girlfriend. Pretty much an open and shut case, but thank goodness Pride got the reins and was able to do his own investigation and get to the truth. No matter how hard everything pointed to Cade being the killer.

It led to a creepy girlfriend/boyfriend killer duo that put Brodie in some what danger. Though I do forget sometimes that she can take care of herself. Even if she is outnumbered. Which totally reminds me of a Ziva type move. But it was awesome to see Brodie actually get out of that situation and Pride walk in ready to kill anybody who looked at him wrong only to find out Brodie saved herself.

Then comes that horrible tragedy. After seeing the flashback in the beginning, I was hoping that Chris was going to get a happy ending, but I guess they didn't want that with Savannah. Maybe there's hope for him and Brodie after all? Too soon for that, yes, especially since evil Baitfish showed his face by killing his girl! Though I was thinking that the side business Chris and Sonja were working on was going to lead to something major and it did. Which made a nice transition into "How Much Pain Can You Take?". 

Baitfish is back and at large, but what's his plan? He seems to be not doing anything at all, except wanting to make Pride even madder at him then he already his. But according to Paul, he's not who Pride is looking for. Towards the end, I was wondering that the whole time. Surely there couldn't have been more then a few minutes since the time we saw Sasha texting a mysterious someone to meet in their hotel to the point of Paul giving himself up. Well, then there's the fact that someone out right shot Paul after the whole van transport system got ambushed. So, who really is in on it? Is it the suspicious senator (or is he mayor now?) who I've never liked from the beginning or is it someone else that we aren't expecting? Either way, I too believe that there's a major storm coming. What it could be, I couldn't even begin to guess, but I have a feeling, whatever it is, I'm thinking one horrible cliffhanger is coming for us.