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NCIS "Troll" & "The Lost Boys" Episode Reviews

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Normally, I don't combine episode reviews. But I felt like this was perfect in this case, since these keep being to be continued. Such an awful thing to pop up every time. I was so not expecting those words to pop up after the bus blew up, but the second time around, I was prepared. It was pretty obvious that they would come up again when it was nearing towards the end and nothing was resolved.

First, an episode recap. A lady gets murdered, but why? Little did the team know that the death of this seemingly normal lady was going to lead to a deadly cult found online that recruits lost children. Dorneget's Peter Pan reference was perfect for it and it's adequately title that and next weeks' finale is "Neverland". Hopefully, that isn't as depressing as it sounds. 

But what with how these two episodes have gone, I guess it wouldn't surprise me if something even worse, though I can't even imagine what would be worse then Dorneget dying or some messed up person recruiting kids to do their dirty work, this show can get, but I've seen a lot of stuff happen on this show, so it wouldn't surprise me if they open up a brand new area of danger. Or they could resolve and leave us with a simple cliffhanger. Which wouldn't be bad, either.

Ok, now I'm just getting ahead of myself. But now that they have some sort of direction and since they have yet another dead agent who I actually liked (ok, I didn't like him as much as the past victims, but still it was hard to watch), Gibbs is really at it. You'd think terrorists would know by now not to get on Gibbs' bad side, but they seem to keep doing it anyways. Even if Dorneget wasn't really a member of the team, I believe Gibbs still basically treated him like one. So, to have him be killed by this jerk, I would just hate to be in Gibbs way of revenge. 

What's Gibbs' gonna do with poor Luke who just lost his parents since The Calling (lame name btw, but it still is creepy - yeah, I don't understand how that works, either), thought he had turned traitor and they thought that they had to show him what that felt like? Is he gonna take him in or what? I always forget that Gibbs is so good with kids. Sometimes he goes a bit off and treats them like an adult, but hey, it did get the kid to finally open up to him, so it worked. But still, I hope Luke will play a bigger part on the show and that maybe Gibbs will do something about helping him to get back on the right track, since he feels like he failed to do that with Brad. 

It was interesting, but I don't understand the significants of it, seeing all the dead/fallen agents in the past. I was shocked at who they've all brought back for that brief scene at the end and if you blinked, you would have totally missed out on one of the coolest scenes this show has ever done. But my question is, was it just Gibbs remembering those who have gone way too soon or is going to turn into something more? Has this case brought up all those memories of his loved ones being killed in action and will this send him into retirement or will this turn him into a crazy person wanting revenge and he'll do whatever it takes? It almost seemed like a tribute to the fans, sort to speak. What with that scene at the end and the touching story Gibbs told of his daughter. Those don't get brought up much anymore. It was nice and I really hope that in the season finale, they will catch this jerk. If they don't, then Gibbs is gonna be one furious dude when they will more then likely return in the fall.