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Once Upon A Time "Best Laid Plans" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally! For a while there, I was thinking that Mary Margaret and David were being paranoid for nothing about Maleficent being back. But now that we truly know the story of what happened to her baby, I can see why they are scared to death of her. But Mary Margaret is right. Because of all of this, they are forgetting to be good. Kind of lame, yeah, but still, they aren't the Prince Charming and Snow White we all know and love.

Sure it's taken them how many episodes to come to the conclusion to finally come to clean to their daughter? However many it's been, they finally realize to do that and it could be the undoing Emma needs to turn bad, if that happens. But because of the spell that Mary Margaret and David did back in the Enchanted Forrest, I would hope that wouldn't be the case. 

I've gotta say that after knowing the full story of what happened to Maleficent's baby, I am surprised and I like that story a lot better then just knowing that they were the ones that made her lose her child. I just didn't know how she lost her child. But now we do and people who've actually been able to watch each week (unlike me) probably know way more then I do, but this is what I know for right now. Is that the spell to make Emma be good, made Maleficent's child bad and had to be sent off to a far away country (i.e. the real world that they eventually all get sent too). And with that happening, we now know how Cruella and Ursula got there too. Completely by accident. 

Please let Henry be back in on the case. I hate the fact that he's gotten sidelined like throughout the whole season. Hello, he's like the main reason any of this started in the first place. So, I loved the fact that he was able to somehow magically find the key to the door that's in the drawing. Which in fact, turned out to be a real door that the writer is trapped in. Thanks to August for finally giving someone that hint. Ugh, such a bummer that David didn't let Henry do the honors, though. Could you imagine how happy he would have been if that were the case?

I wonder why Mary Margaret and David both saw a completely different vision when they touched the unicorn to see their daughter's fate? Was it just showing that it could go one of two ways or was it more to it then that? I just found it odd, but I'm sure Mary Margaret was reminded of that vision when current Emma said the same exact thing young Emma said in the vision. Which made it that much harder to hear.

Mr. Gold is starting to see through Regina. Which is probably a bad thing, since she's a double agent. He didn't believe for a second that she got the wrong drawing and how he picked up on the fact that it was the wrong one, I have no clue and how he could tell immediately through a phone that the picture was spelled, I don't know, either. But still, I have a feeling a major storm is coming soon. But their big plan is to put everybody to sleep in town to get the real page. Well, everybody but the three people who've already been under that spell, Henry, Mary Margaret and David. It does work, sort of.

Now that the author's out of the book, thanks to Emma, what's going to happen? Will the villains get their happy ending or does the author have a plan up his sleeve? From the glimpse we saw of him in the flashback, I'm thinking he might be a little sneaky on doing things. I just got an off feeling about him. Like don't fully trust him kind of thing. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it or maybe I'm just not sure about the whole changing the storyline of the book thing. Kind of like trying to change the past, you'd interrupt or completely change something in the future.