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Person of Interest "Karma" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

One of Harold's darkest time was revisited in this episode. When he wanted to take revenge for losing his best friend, Nathan. But thanks to the Machine for pointing out that even if he went through with taking the revenge, it wouldn't fix anything. The two stories collided way more then what I was expecting them to do.

Thanks to Harold having gone through something like that, he was able to save their new number from the same fate. Their new number was a vigilante. Who's day job was a therapist. Harold being the patient was interesting. Ok, not everything he said was true, but I think some of it was. Especially about the part of him losing a friend and never really getting over that. I wonder if that has a big part of why Harold does what he does?

But the therapist goes way above and beyond his role of duty as a therapist. When he learns of someone getting hurt badly and no one being able to stop it, he feels the need to frame the person and get them sent to jail for a crime they didn't even commit. Yes, they finally get sent to jail, but still, it should have gone out a different way.

We may never know what happened that day when the therapist wife died. For a while there, I was thinking it was the therapist himself, but that wouldn't make any sense on what he was doing. The killer they thought was the killer, wasn't. It's weird because normally this show has a happy ending. Not to say that it isn't nice that they haven't changed it up a bit, but still, it was interesting to not really have closure on a case. 

John is still seeing his therapist. She's getting more involved too. Even helped him get into a party to find out why their new number might be in trouble. It is nice to see John interested in someone, but I wonder how far it'll go? Will John ever truly open up about himself or will he just keep going just to have an excuse to see the woman he's falling for? Either way, it's an interesting storyline and one I'm hoping leads to something.