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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Afterlife" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, this show gets good again! Not that I mind at all the whole thing with Skye and discovering her power. Which I think has finally gotten interesting, the whole thing with Fitz and Simmons and this mysterious briefcase thing was what took hold of my attention at the end.

I don't know how Coulson found Hunter and I don't care. All I care is that he is back and I for one am loving it! Man, I forgot how much I missed Hunter's humor. He says all the right funny things at the right time. He and Coulson work amazing together.

Plus, there were all those surprise guests showing up that I didn't see coming. First, let's start with the new comer, Lincoln. Who I immediately fell in love with. Is this perhaps a new love interest for Skye or is this just merely a friend who is going to help Skye develop her powers no matter how much she wants to get rid of them? Then there is Peterson. Oh, how I loved his entrance. When Coulson said "Oh, I have a backup coming" meaning only one person, I was thinking "Seriously?". Then when Peterson showed up, I understand why Coulson was acting so calmly. Hunter with his "You could have told me your backup was a cyborg" and Coulson saying "I just wanted to see the look on your face. It was priceless." was just amazing. Probably my favorite scene in the whole episode.

The minute we saw Skye's mother at the end, I had a feeling that it was Skye's mother. Maybe it was because of how she was talking. "Oh, just give me a few days and if you don't feel a connection between us worth exploring, then you can leave". I mean, only a mother would say something like that to her daughter and come on, they look so much a like, that it was just practically screaming "I'm you're mom!". But I have one question, didn't her mom die? From the beginning, this whole afterlife place seems like a safe place for Skye. I never got any red flags. Even when Lincoln said no one knows where it is (hello, China?), I still felt like it was a safe place and that people really do want to help each other out with their powers.

Finding out that Skye was the first one to ever come about her powers like this was very interesting, though. I guess normally, you know from an early stage and begin to train. She didn't know and she skipped right ahead to getting her powers and then having to figure out what's going on. 

Ok, I totally get the whole them not letting Kal see his daughter. I mean, the guy is nuts. So unpredictable. But the whole thing with keeping Raina a secret, was just a bad move. Well, I wasn't expecting Raina to actually be there, but I guess I should have. She's just like them and needs help herself, but they don't know what Raina has done. In her past or since what she's become.

Aw, Fitz and Simmons. You little evil genius'. Ok, evil isn't really the right word, but I'm not sure what else to call them. To think they couldn't stand working together, then to realize that they actually had a backup plan this whole time with the briefcase. I wonder if they've always had this and so Fitz knew that right when Simmons was trying to do something, he knew what to do, but whatever the case may be with that, they worked together again and they weren't on opposite sides like I was thinking. The minute Fitz knew what Simmons was up to, I was hoping that Simmons had somehow sent him a message and it was. He did end up leaving, but he left with the real briefcase. How they managed to pull that switch, I have no clue, but they were brave and smart to do that. And again, they worked together! We have progress people!

Is it just me or does Bobbie seem to be thinking second thoughts on the whole Robert/Shield thing? Mack seems to be all gun ho with this, but I think since the attack on Skye, Bobbie is starting to have doubts on why she ever got involved in the first place. I don't believe for a second that Coulson is off is rocker and I loved seeing May stand up for that. I believe that it's the other way around. That Robert is in fact bad and making everything turn around on Coulson. Of course, I'm not sure how smart Coulson is right now in thinking that Grant is their solution they need. Though, he did admit himself, that it was their bad plan b, but I think they are just desperate and when people are desperate, they do crazy things. Like to bring in someone who is the whole reason they are in the situation right now. Where in the world will this led the show? Are we going to have another horrible cliffhanger of Grant possibly almost hurting a beloved cast member at the end again? Let's hope not.