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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Melinda" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Bring in the calvary! Remember why Melinda always hated to be referred to as the "calvary"? Well, now we know why. Ok, most people who actually keep up with shows a lot better then I do have known for weeks now, but yeah, I just found out tonight and I actually really loved the story.

Though, it wasn't what I expected at all. I love it how it focused so much on Melinda, but it still had the rest of the show going on. At first, I thought it was all going to be a flashback episode. Which I wouldn't have minded one bit because now I actually like Melinda and with this new info, her story just got a whole lot more interesting. But still, it was nice that they mixed the two and they did very well with it, I might add.

It wasn't hard to figure out what were the flashbacks and what weren't. Basically because almost every time they did a flashback, Melinda was working with Coulson and that was a huge giveaway that we were in flashback mode because in current time, Coulson is no where to be found. 

Speaking of Coulson, does anybody else think (well, they probably know more now seeing as I'm, how many weeks behind on this show? I've lost count), that Coulson is being set up? I don't think that all the info that Simmons found might be true. If it is, like they said, Coulson would/will have a good explanation for going off the grid because that's not something Coulson normally did. I still don't trust this new "S.H.I.E.L.D." that Bobbi is so gun ho for. 

Before we get to the awesome reunion that Skye so totally deserved, I wanna talk about Raina. Sure, she still looks scary and I'm not sure why she had to change in order to get her gift, but there might be more to her then we know at this point. However, at the end, it was confirmed, her dreams are actually the future! The minute Skye, her mom and Kal met for dinner and he handed her the flowers, I knew that it was the dream she had described. I think that will make Raina feel some what better. At least knowing that she has a power and doesn't look like that for nothing.

Now onto Skye. Who is finally getting interesting again. I love the fact that her mom is her helper and that Skye has totally enjoyed working with her without even knowing why she has. Though like her mom said, deep down, she might have known that there was more to them then just a simple connection. Somehow I guess Kal did something to heal his wife (since I thought she had died, right?) and after he did that, that's when he changed into a monster. But because of that, that's why Skye's mom has become what she's become. Helping people that are different in order to give them a better life. When she told her that she was Skye's mom, I thought "It's about time!". I love how Skye wasn't mad or anything. Just wanting to know more about herself and them. It was cute. Finally having a proper moment with her dad at a family dinner.

I loved it when the two stories finally came together at the end. Instead of being a flashback having nothing to do with the story, it was a surprise when they combined the two. The story of Melinda trying to save that little girl who ended up being the true evil gifted person they were after, ended up being the reason why Skye's mom is worried that if word gets out, something like that might happen or favoritism. She's just worried and doesn't want something like that ever happening. 

That story though at the end was hard to watch. So glad that TV has a sensor on somethings and we actually didn't see Melinda have to shoot the little girl and kill her. Even though that's what we knew  happened. That whole event changed her into the Melinda we know and love (yes, I actually like her now, can you believe it?) today. I wonder if that is partly why her and her husband got divorced? They were such a happy couple. I loved seeing Melinda like that in the beginning. It was refreshing. Then having to do that with a little kid completely changed everything. I'm sure she probably didn't want a family anymore after that, which is sad because I think Melinda would have made a good mom. But still, it's understandable. That's also why she went to work on the desk all those years. And was it just me or did I sense some more then just friend vibes from Coulson in the flashback when we first met them? I totally felt that from him or maybe it was just me.

What's in the box now that Fitz has it open? He finally got a few brief minutes at the end there when he figured out how to open it and I loved that Coulson was actually impressed with him that he stole the box in the first place. But people are after him. I hope he gets away!