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DCOM Review: Teen Beach Movie 2

 After the first one came out, I was so excited when they left us with that little bit of a cliffhanger at the end and I knew a 2nd one was coming soon....

However, I'm not sure if I'm totally thrilled with how it went. Sure, it was amazing and I love that they stepped it up a notch with the singing and the dancing and everything, but still, that ending, I did not like. I mean, I can see why it happened. The movie that Brady and Mack met and fell in love with didn't exist anymore because Mack gave Lela the idea that she can change the way the movie is. It doesn't have to be the same.

Ok, the message of the movie is awesome. Don't get me wrong. Not to mention that it was the girls choice. You don't see that too much lately. The message being, you are in control of what happens to you. You can make your own decisions. But still, that twist at the end, all I gotta say is "It wasn't cool Disney".

I mean, to have the couple be at odds through most of the movie wasn't fun to watch. I was hoping for a happy couple throughout the whole thing just trying to get their friends back to their world, but it wasn't like that at all. 

Maybe I'll have to give the movie a second watch whenever I find time again. But come on Disney, I hope you have a plan and that's not how you decide to end one of your biggest movies on your channel. Let's just hope there's a chance for a 3rd one and that maybe, just maybe, that little blink from Lela at the end of her movie to Mack might just be the trigger she needs to remember Brady, because come on, who else thought that blink was just for Mack? Because I totally thought that.

Feel free to comment your opinions down below in the comments! I'm curious to know if I'm alone in my thinking.