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Hawaii Five-0 "Ike Hanau (Instinct)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, maybe I'm alone in this or maybe I completely missed something from back when Grover was introduced but when in the world did he get a wife? Up until this point, I thought he was divorced and that's why it seemed that he hung out with his daughter so much. Even if he talked about his wife, how he worded it, made it sound like they were divorced. Then to have her suddenly come on, was just really confusing for me. For a few minutes, I thought the scene at the beginning was a flashback of Grover remembering a happy time with his wife. Then I realized it wasn't.

So, even though I was completely confused about the whole wife angle of the story, though it did add a lot to the excitement towards the end, it was a very enjoyable episode. I love Grover/Chi. Seen a lot of stuff he's been in and I really love how he's fit into this story so well. Though, it seems like when he did, the show changed. I'm not saying it has to do with Chi/Grover at all. Maybe the writers decided to switch things up a bit. But I truly miss the whole team working together. I feel like they are all mad at each other for something that we missed and they don't want to work together anymore. Where are all the amazing Danny/Steve banter we had? I miss that the most.

With that being said, there were two very different cases tonight. One that was the main focus, Grovers, and one that was kind of put on the back burner, Danny's. It was great to see Danny back again, and the elevator scene was just hilarious. I'd probably act that same way, too, since I'm claustrophobic as well. But their case ended way too fast. No researching. Just one simple, oh look they left a finger print behind and that solved that. It was cute that Danny included Dr. Shaw (who I did start to enjoy more in this episode) on the catching the killer, since she's always wondered what that was about. 

But the main focus was Grover. I knew the minute Grover was called to the case and how everybody was acting, that something was off. Then come to find out that his friend has a very good talent for lying on the spot and being able to pin point on how to lie to people, basically made the case open and shut. He just had to get evidence. Which since his friend was a cop, knew how to cover that up as well.

I knew Grover was right, I just didn't know how he was going to go about getting it done. In the end, the phone was the answer. Right at the end, just right before Grover said why his friend killed his wife, I knew what was going on. The puzzle pieces fit together and it all made sense then. Why this seemingly happy couple, would end up like this. Because the husband was in love with someone else that he was planning on leaving his wife for. But instead of divorcing her and getting basically nothing in return, he decided to out right kill her. Though Grover still doesn't have quite enough proof, Grover is gonna move heaven and earth until he finds it so he can get justice for Diane. That break down of Grover's at the end with his wife, was just heart wrenching. I wanted to reach through my TV screen and give Grover a hug myself.

Even though this episode seemed a bit flawed in a lot of places, I still throughly enjoyed it. This show is getting better, I just feel like some of the stories aren't pieced together right. Feel free to leave your comments below on what you thought about this episode.