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Person of Interest "Skip" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, after 4 seasons, John has a love interest and I for one couldn't be happier. Even though it's with someone who I wasn't expecting (of course, I knew the minute he extended his sessions with Iris, that he had feelings for her), I couldn't be happier. I was hoping for a Shaw and John romance, but that doesn't seem to ever be happening, especially since what happened when we last saw Shaw.

We don't know much about Iris and I am hoping she is the one good thing that comes out of this whole Machine vs. Samaritan situation. Since for Harold, his newest "friend", though, I could tell towards the end that it was more then a friend, ended badly. All due to Root. Yes, I understood where she was coming from, but man, I was surprised she was going against the Machine. But if Harold found out what Root was doing, you'd think she would have thought of that. Because if she truly cares for Harold and thinks she knows him like she think she does, she should know that he'd do anything to save someone else.

Even if that meant taking his own life! I couldn't believe that twist, but thank goodness they came to an understanding and were able to get him to a hospital in time. How they did that, I have no clue, but I guess that's the magical TV time universe. It was cool that Harold thought to enlist Root's help, since he wanted to do protect the new number, but still, to have Root go behind his back anyways, was just awful.

Sure, if he would have gone through with what already seemed like an awesome plan, it would eventually lead to his death, it was still horrible what Root did. Ok, yes, she did keep Elizabeth alive, but to destroy her good name was just wrong and now she hates Harold and never wants to see him again. So, Root got what she wanted anyways. To protect her friends so she wouldn't have to lose someone else and she actually would hate to think of where she would be now-a-days if it wasn't for that one brief moment in time when she met Harold. Ok, it wasn't brief, Harold almost died because of her, but still.

 It seems like the Machine is starting to act way more on its own without anyone realizing it. Harper is back, but with a twist. She was recruited by the Machine! How in the world is that going on and without anyone realizing it? Why would the Machine be doing this? Ok, everybody else probably knows by now, but seeing as I'm a month behind, I still have time to wonder what the Machine is planning. But I couldn't even begin to guess.

Their new number this week was quite different. Instead of it being a helpless person in trouble, it ended up being someone who could actually take care of herself and that was a nice change. Even if she was a little ruff around the edges and didn't play by the rules, etc. She was a bounty hunter, so she didn't really have rules to play by. But she did take matters into her own hands when the killer of her brother was her next target. That's when I realized that I actually like Harper. Ok, I did the first minute we met her, but this was a nice reminder. She was quick on her feet. Was able to think out of a situation that included at least 5 people with guns (sorry if I missed counted) and still was able to save the actual info in the first place. Very smart thinking. In a way, I can see why the Machine would recruit her, but still, it would have been nice that someone else would have known that too.