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Pretty Little Liars "Don't Look Now" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I'm gonna start right off with one of the biggest answers we finally have gotten from the summer of answers. Which I think has been answering a lot of our questions so far. I still have yet to find out Charles' real identity, though, I do still have a couple suspects (Wren and Lucas). But could it be, that I could actually be right about something for a change on this show? That hardly ever happens. Especially when it comes to -A/Charles. But when Mr. D told that horrifying story of Charles and why he had to be sent away, I couldn't believe it that my theory all this time, was actually true!

Now here's to actually trusting Mr. D who up to this point, hasn't had the greatest track record when it comes to that sort of thing, but I am hoping that beyond hope a person wouldn't dream up a horrible story like that over night. It makes me wonder if the story that Ali thought was just a Halloween story is actually real, but people told it as a Halloween story and that's how she always knew about it. Which again, makes sense and that just came to me. I've always gone back to that story and have been wondering for some time if it was actually true. 

Now I understand why Mrs. Hastings was so reluctant on putting Spencer on any type of sleeping pills. Sure it helps her sleep instead of staying awake, but if she's this desperate who knows how far she's going to take it. Which she showed just how far she was willing to take it. To the point of taking weed in order to help her sleep. Sleep is important, but getting hooked on a drug like that, isn't the greatest idea. I really hope that since Ezra saw her, that he's going to tell someone.

More disturbing flashbacks and when they said disturbing flashbacks were going to happen, they weren't kidding. The worst was Spencer's. Looking like she had hurt someone, physically. But I think Hanna was right and saying that Charles was just messing with them. Then poor Aria. Getting trapped in the room when she was developing her photos. Which were quite creepy. What's with the obsession of dolls there Aria? Something deeper going on in your head? I'm so glad she finally opened up. Her poor dad, though. I think it was help to Clark's suggestion. The guy who saved Aria when she got stuck in that room, thanks to Charles. 

Is this the end of Haleb? I was shocked when Hanna started to ignore the phone calls and such. Sure, tracking her car without her permission was a bit out there Caleb, but still, he's worried. Everybody is and the girls, some of them, mainly Hanna, don't get it. Then there's the whole "I just need space thing" and everybody knows what that means. Of course, there could be hope for them, but I don't know. If Ezra and Aria haven't made up by now, I don't know if there is hope for them or not. The girls seriously need to talk to someone if not just to each other and let things out, it would help a whole bunch but no one seems to want to do that at this point. 

I don't believe for a minute that Charles is dead. A. he could have easily faked his death, which is what it looks like from that flashback Jason had of him going to his Aunt's house after he had fallen in the elevator. Or B. like Spencer said, Charles could really be dead and someone in Radley assumed his identity and is doing all this awful stuff in his name. Which could make sense. Charles could have befriended someone and when Charles committed suicide, his friend could have been mad at his family too, for putting his friend through something like this and want revenge. It's a bit out there, but at this point, I'm not surprised at what happens on this show.

Finally, back to our moment of -A! I wonder if Charles put a tracker in them when they woke up on that slab the first time they went back into the Dollhouse after they were locked up? Because he was tracking each and every one of them. Taking "big brother watching" to a whole new level.