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Pretty Little Liars "She's No Angel" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The liars are still trying to deal with everything that has happened in their own way, but they are finally starting to get back together again. Instead of walking on eggshells every time they are around each other worried that one might bring up some horrible memory they might have done to each other in the awful Dollhouse, they are actually getting along. So, I'm hoping this is a good thing and that they can each start to move on. 

Not only was Mona finally back and not totally adjusting to the real world quite as well as the liars have. But then again, Mona was in there a lot longer then them and I have a feeling Charles tortured her worse then them and maybe even Sara who seems to be bouncing back pretty fast, too. Which of course, is odd in it's own right, but I'll get to that in a bit. Leslie is also back and man, what juicy info we got on her this week! I knew I didn't like her since day one. But I guess my feelings weren't far off on her, since she might, just might, be mixed up in all this. Seeing as we learned that she was in Radley long enough to know who Charles is/was! Then getting Mona to do her dirty work by stealing the file, it's like seriously? Mona, yes, I know you might feel like you owe people, but doing something like that? She also looks like a scared cat worried that a dog is gonna pounce on her any minute. Is this just all an act or did Charles really do a number on her in that awful place and she'll just take longer getting adjusted?

Talk about creepy. I knew the minute I saw the promo for this weeks episode, it was going to be creepy somehow. But I am glad to know that most of the creepy part was all in Spencer's head. Maybe to do with the drugs she's been taking or maybe her brain is helping her remember something important. Mona totally knew what room Spencer was talking about, but we still don't know why it's of any importance, but for taking up a good first 10 minutes of the show, you know it wasn't just thrown in there without meaning something. Especially not right now. Oh and she kicked her drug habit! Go Spencer! You are stronger then you think. Why do you think you're my favorite character?

Clark is back! I really liked him last week and he and Aria are so cute together. Though her obsession with dolls is a bit odd. Granted, she is a great photographer and I get trying to get over your fear, but seriously? I highly doubt who they saw at the junkyard was -A, since we know for a fact that Charles is a boy. That's one of the big clues they gave us in the season finale. So, why change that now? Unless they wanna throw us a sucker punch and be like, nope, it's one of the four girls! Which I highly doubt at this point.

Mr. D is a jerk. As always. Making his own daughter stay held up in her house. Ok, I get wanting to keep track of her, but seriously, not letting her out at all? I feel bad for her. But Lorenzo is so sweet and hopefully that kind of guy she needs right now. She needs something good in her life and that little thing he did to switch out that cop after he was bad mouthing her, was just so thoughtful. Then they kissed! Which gives Mr. D more reason to hate the guy, since he saw it. I mean, Mr. D won't even let her see her friends when they texted her.

Ok, it wasn't all drama, there was something good, if that's what you wanna call it, that came out of it. Even though it has to do with Sara who I don't trust at all and I think this has bad idea written all over it, it was a good note. Nice to see Emily at least have a bit of a distraction. But getting a tattoo? Really? I understand Sara getting one, but Emily? Her mom is gonna be so mad and I hope Emily looked at the tattoo and got it checked out to make sure it was the right one. I have a feeling that if -A wanted to mess something up right then, it would have been right then and there and not to mention that -A might have been lurking around that place at that exact time. But Sara thinks she's seen the hooded girl -A? Odd enough that she decided to bring that up and play the victim, since her face right when she saw the text looked like guilty to me. 

Our moment of -A was either really creepy or a clue as to who -A might be. But I'm going with the first one. It was -A/Charles who looked like they were making their own little Aria doll. I'm assuming it was Aria just because of her dark hair and the pink stripes in it, but I thought it was weird that it was just of Aria. Though, the clips at the end aren't totally helpful and I'm not even sure why they throw them in there, but it is something I've come to enjoy and I actually miss it when they aren't there. Really, I do, I'm not lying. :)