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Pretty Little Liars "Songs of Experience" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally! The minute they called out Andrew in the beginning, I knew that it wasn't going to be long until his name was cleared. I do believe we will find out at least who Charles is in this season, but I didn't think it was going to be within the first few episodes. That's not how this show works, at all. But man, was he ever rude to the girls. Sure, Aria basically lied to the cops all to try to get someone they thought was -A behind bars so they wouldn't end up back at square one, but still, saying they were basically toxic waste was just harsh. 

There were actually some answers, finally, about Andrew and Charles. The whole Andrew looking way older then the rest of the group of high schoolers could be explained. Ezra, pretending to be a cop (which is way illegal, but I guess they don't care, huh?), tries to find out info on Andrew. Then they learn he's adopted and all his records are sealed. As Aria pointed out, Andrew could be way older then they all thought, which is what I've been thinking for a while. Of course, that just makes him ten times more creepy.

Was -A/Charles getting tired of Andrew getting all the attention? I mean, why else would he just outright do something as sinister as sending a threatening message to the girls just hours before Andrew was released from jail? I guess I wouldn't be too surprised if jealously was on the crazy list of Charles' personality. 

As it turned out, the girls didn't actually hurt any of their friends while they played that horrible game locked up in the room. It was all a twisted game for Charles. Which just makes him way more creepy then he already is. But I'm glad that the girls are at least finally talking about what went on to them behind closed doors. Even if it can only stay between them. They needed to bond back together and I think this might be the trick.

I'm really not sure about Sarah's involvement here. I think she's either working for -A or someone who's honestly been hurt. Or she's a brilliant actor and we will all be fooled. Wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time either. It almost seemed like maybe Sarah was abused. Either when she was in the dollhouse or when she was at home. Maybe that's why she's so afraid of going back home and why she said "I can't take it anymore" or something along that line. Then there's the whole flinching she did when Emily touched her. It was just odd. I still don't fully trust her at all, though. 

Ok, I think this is one of the few times I've been mad at Toby. Seriously? People can change. It looks like Ali is trying hard, even when she knows if something gets out of her trying to change, it'll backfire. I can tell that I think Lorenzo can see the good in people and I hope he's not mixed up in all this because I think he'd be a good influence on Ali, no matter what Toby says. I just wanted to yell "You idiot" to Toby. Ali was the one who helped find her friends and I think this whole journey has changed her perspective on life in general. 

Ugh, really PLL? You cut off right when Mr. D comes clean about who Charlie/Charles is/was? I don't believe for a minute he's dead. I think that's something Mrs. D told Mr. D in order to keep him happy. Then there was the whole creepy shadowy figure outside watching. Maybe he was seeing if they were finally gonna come out and tell everybody about him or maybe he was just spying. Either way, I think that was Charlie watching them. Even though we still end up with more questions, I feel like we are finally getting down to the bottom of things.