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Pretty Little Liars "Songs of Innocence" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I hope that eventually, the girls do seek help in what they went through in the Dollhouse. Keeping something this traumatic bottled up isn't healthy at all and it's already showing. We get glimpses of what went on more now then we did when they were actually in there and I guess the whole "What happened behind closed doors" question has been answered.

It was a lot different then what I was thinking and if that's really what happened when they were shut away for who knows how long in those rooms, I am actually a little happier that it ended up being just that because let me tell you, I was thinking up some pretty horrible stuff that was happening to them and I don't think I was the only one.

Hanna described it as being truth or dare. But in this case, one person was deciding what the other person went through. They were the only ones in the room and if something didn't happen, then something bad would happen to all of them. I think Aria must of had to do something pretty horrible to Spencer because she felt the need to apologize. Apologize for what, I don't know, since when Spencer didn't know what she was talking about, she decided to change the subject. So, it must have been pretty awful what happened.

Is it wrong for me to think that Sara Harvey doesn't seem to be all there? I don't know why I get that feeling or maybe I'm just thinking that she might be a puppet by -A/Charles. However, I am glad that she brought up the fact that Andrew may not be the person they are looking for. Which makes me wonder, did she see Charles in there or worse yet, is she Charles herself? And why after being gone for so long, would she run away from home again? Sure she had some sob story about all the attention getting off her mom when she came home and if that's really the case, you wonder what her home life was like. But you'd think her mom would be somewhat happy that her daughter is alive after all these years. Of course, we don't know why she ran away in the first place or what her home life is to begin with, so maybe what she said was true and I'm just reading way too much into it.

How the girls coped when they got home was quite interesting. Aria wants to push it away and pretend like it never happened (which I agree with Ezra on this, that's not a good thing). Spencer can't sleep and wants the sleeping aide pills, but her mom won't let her use them. Yes, Spencer can easily get addicted to things, but sheesh, the poor girl hasn't slept well in a month, give her a break, would ya? Hanna wants to completely redo her room. Which is understandable. Why would you want to sleep in a room that just reminds you of that awful month you were kidnapped and had to experience horrible things? Then there's Emily. Who wants to take her anger out at the shooting range. Ok, Emily's response isn't as out there as the rest of them, but I could still see why her mom would be worried for her.

Sara isn't the only one who thinks that Andrew may not be the right person. Aria is so focused on it being Andrew that she felt the need to lie right to the cops in order to get him locked up for good. But Toby doesn't seem to think that all the evidence seems to point to him. I'm not sure if it's a feeling he's having or what, since he didn't go into much detail about why he was thinking that, but I agree with them. Until it comes out of Andrews mouth or have some pretty big evidence against him, I'll be on the fence with a few people that don't think it's Andrew.

Is there a new love interest for Ali? The minute we met Lorenzo, I felt a connection between them. But why was Toby giving Ali the cold shoulder during that meeting? She was basically the reason why they even found the girls in the first place. So, I felt that was odd. But no red flags went up when we first met Lorenzo. Until they were at church. I thought it was odd that he would just assume that Ali wouldn't want anybody to know she was going to church, but just how he said it, made it sound like he knew her somehow. I could just be reading way too into this, but with how this show is with new characters, one can never be too careful.