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Once Upon A Time "Sympathy For The De Vil" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I was really surprised at the outcome of this episode. It started off a bit slow and a little boring, but it soon turned into a grand adventure I didn't see coming. And they threw in those awesome twists that I've grown to love over the course of this show. With all that happened in this episode, I really don't have any idea how it'll play out now. 

I'm not sure what was more surprising. The fact that Cruella was really the evil one in the flashback of when she first met the Author or the fact that Emma killed someone. Of course, in Emma's defense, she was doing it to save her son. Though she had no clue that Cruella herself wasn't able to defend herself. Not in the slightest. Because in order for the Author to save himself the first time he met her, he had to quickly change her story. To being that she can't kill, anyone, anymore. So, she was basically bluffing and Emma killed for no reason. But that look on Emma's face after she did it, scares me. 

However, I have a feeling the minute Mr. Gold gets wind of what went down, he'll twist it to fit into his own little plan of turning Emma evil. Which makes me even more worried. That whole Belle and Mr. Gold scene was a surprise. Though I knew something had to be up since Regina was just seeing making a plan with Belle in order to distract him so Regina could get out of town and save Robin. But that plan has to be put on hold for now. Even though the first part went off without a hitch. It was nice to see the soft side of Mr. Gold for once, but that was just a lie again. He didn't tell Belle the whole truth. The fact that he needs to turn Emma evil in order to stay healthy and alive and not to mention good or somewhat good for his sake. 

Ok, yes, I get you being mad at your parents for lying to you this whole time, but seriously, you haven't forgiven them yet? Well, yes, what they did was awful, but they are really trying to make up for it and they had no clue what the outcome was. At least listen to Hook if you don't listen to Regina, Emma. But listen to someone at least, before it's too late! 

I was wondering throughout the whole episode, how the Author and Cruella met. Their story was cute, until her mother told the real truth. That Cruella has been "sick" all this time and that Cruella is the one who has killed all her husbands, not the other way around like I was thinking. But I had a feeling that one of them was lying and I was fooled into thinking it was the mom that was lying, when in reality it was Cruella. And the Author giving her the magic powers did nothing to help the situation. But man, did not see that coming. I guess I should have. Out of all the villains, though, Cruella was the one I was saddest to see leave. I know, weird, right? But even after seeing her story, she was my favorite. Of course, I love 101 Dalmatians and involving Pongo the way the did was an awesome touch, but really? Did she really have to go so soon? Pretty soon, it'll just be little old Mr. Gold out on his own with his plan. Which I'm thinking just might be how he wants it.