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Pretty Little Liars "Framed" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's pretty obvious what this episode was about. I mean, not only did it have to deal with Aria's photography show that I wish wasn't sabotaged by -A (man, can't he give them one special night?!), but I really think this also means that Spencer, Emily and Hanna are headed down the wrong path, again. Where's Mona when you need her?

Sure, the guy that's in charge of the charity money does look an awful lot like Ali and Jason and it was really suspicious that he was meeting Clark in that closed down doll warehouse, but I really don't think it is what the girls think. Of course, I could be way off, but for some time now, I've been thinking Charles is someone we know really well. That it wouldn't just be some random dude we suddenly saw in the last two episodes of the season. So, if it does turn out to be him, I'd be pretty disappointed. 

All of the sudden, either Clark is worried about Aria or Clark isn't who he says he is. First to not think receiving his award for something else wasn't as big as Aria's gig (receiving something from the mayor, wouldn't that have drawn a whole big crowd out?!), then he just started to act really shady. Like with all those questions about Charles and such. He just started to act mighty suspicious if you ask me.

In a weird way, I can kind of see where Ali is coming from. This is her brother they are chasing down. Someone she's never got to know. But on the other hand, he's the one that has tortured them for 3 seasons now and it's starting to get worse on what he does. Enough is enough. But isn't there a word for that. Starting to feel sorry for the person who has harmed you all these years? I can't think of the word, but I know there is something for that and I think Ali is starting to fall into that category and maybe that's just how Charles wants it. 

Red Coat is back? I'm totally confused now. I thought that it was decided like two seasons ago that Ali was Red Coat helping out her friends figure who -A is and now they are magically back? What's up with that guys? Just trying to confuse us or what? Is Sara Red Coat or is someone else in on it that we don't know about? Because I really felt like Red Coat was a girl. I mean, they don't have to be, but just how they were walking, I was just thinking it was girl. Man, Charles' new hideout is pretty fancy looking. 

Ok, really Ali? I get you wanting to get answers as to who Charles is and what is even going on in the investigation, but to lose the trust (and possibly the guy) of the guy that obviously likes you, by stealing his card, is not the way to go about getting answers. But she was desperate, so she probably didn't think there was any other way she had. In a way, I was kind of happy she got caught and heard the things Tanner had to say. Sure, they might not have been what she wanted to hear, but still, I think she needed to realize who she is dealing with.

Our moment of -A this week. Looks like Charles is on his way to the prom in a limo with Red Coat. Plus, is he really calling out Tanner? Saying she stole his dolls and now he wants payback? If that's the case, I think there's another death to add to his list soon.