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Pretty Little Liars "No Stone Unturned" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Compared to the episodes we've been getting this first half of the season, I felt like tonight's was kind of eh. It looked more exciting in the commercial then it actually was when I was watching it. I mean, it wasn't terrible, it probably could have been worse, but it just wasn't really all I thought it was going to be. 

I guess this was one of those lovely filler episodes that they have to throw in once in a while before they get to the exciting stuff. Since they so nicely reminded us that we have 4 more weeks left before we come face to face with -A who thanks to Mona, the girls finally got off the wrong track, again and started thinking straight. That Charles is still alive and out there tormenting them and Leslie was just a distraction. You'd think they would have learned that by now, but they haven't. Of course, if they had, the show would have been on a very short time.

Mona finally acted like the Mona I started to like again and thought "Finally!". At least someone is starting to act like her normal self again. The girls are pretty much back to normal expect for Hanna it seems like. Who Caleb thinks he's lost her. I think he's right, but maybe that make out session they had will bring the Hanna back we know and love.

Nicole decided to make a random appearance. I almost didn't remember her. Thank goodness she did a little recap of how we knew her. But Emily quickly changing her mind about going makes me wonder if that was a good thing. Yes, it worked the first time, but Charles has gotten more devious. I wouldn't be comfortable going out of the country with someone like that out on the lose still. For Sarah to completely change Emily's mind just got on my nerves. I don't trust the girl at all. She acts really odd when something weird happens. Like when she got into the accident. I think her and Leslie are in on something together. 

Well, Dean didn't stay too long again. I kind of liked him, but I didn't like him at the same time. I'm a little glad that he ended things with Spencer before he did something he or she would later regret. I was thinking the first time we saw Dean that he had a thing for Spencer and I was actually right, but I just don't think it would have been right. And where is Toby again? He needs to come back already.

Clark is really trying almost too hard to get a date with Aria. First offering for a breakfast run, then offering to help Aria "find" her tripod she "left". And what was up with that disturbing doll she found? Ezra was right, it was creepy and even weirder that she thought to keep it. Speaking of Ezra, is there hope for them? Ezra obviously still has feelings for her and vice versa. Since at the end it looked like Nicole was flirting with Ezra when Aria saw them through the window and not to mention she looked jealous/sad that Ezra might be moving on.

The minute Mr. D saw that letter that was left on his car, I knew something was wrong and that -A had to have planted it. Then we finally got why he was so jumpy. It was a "I'm coming home dad and I'm gonna kill you" type card from Charles. Brave move of him to out himself like that. I don't know what's going on in his head and I guess that's a good thing. 

No moment of -A this week. Just Mr. D burying the letter at Charles' tombstone. Like getting rid of the card will help Charles not to come or was he getting rid of evidence? Mr. D looked mighty shaken up about the letter and so shaken that he was trying to call doctors to figure out what happened to his son. That nobody seems to remember. Is that just a bit odd or another play by Charles? I don't think we will ever know until they decide to tell us.