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Pretty Little Liars "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So close yet so far away from seeing Charles' face tonight on the new PLL. But we will, soon! I can't believe it, but we will. However, I'm thinking that's going to be the cliffhanger of the summer finale in a couple weeks and I already have a suspect in mind. That and they've kind of outed all the rest of the suspects on my list. I could be completely wrong, but a lot of signs point to my suspect. Of course, I've watched this show long enough to realize that could be a bad thing, too. Once someone looks too suspicious, they are like "Oops, sorry, not him!". 

But until that day comes in a couple weeks, things are getting a bit more exciting around town. Thank goodness because after the episode we had last week, I wasn't sure where the rest of the season was gonna go. However, that lull didn't last long and things got back to normal, ok, not totally normal, but normal for this season, anyways. 

I don't even know where to begin. Let's start off with Hanna. Who finally got some good news for a change. While she was kidnapped, her mom actually did a good thing. Trying to get money for her daughter for college. But is it really a good thing that it's turning out to be? I didn't think anything of it at first, but once the Radley flag went up, I thought that was odd and it was also odd that Hanna thought she recognized the name. Could this be another bad thing coming from Charles?

Speaking of Charles. He really seems to be uping his game here. I mean, I didn't think that was possible after the whole dollhouse incident, but it somehow was. Charles even wanted to come home and "celebrate" his birthday. It scared Mr. D so bad that he took Ali and ran. I'm glad that the police messed up the girls' plan at the end with Jason because I don't think that it would have turned out the way Jason would have wanted it to. 

One good thing came out of the episode tonight. Well, two things. The first, is that Jason was revealed as to not being Charles. He can not be in two places at once. Unless the show has suddenly gone sci-fi, which I don't think it has. So, that means someone else we know is Charles (um...Wren anyone?). Then Sara moved out! Ok, I know that sounds mean, but haven't liked her since day one. Maybe I was hoping it'd be Maya that was hidden down there or maybe there is just something about Sara that is off. It was odd that she wanted to suddenly move away. Thinking that would make it easier to start a relationship with Emily, but I don't think that's what Emily wants right now. To be honest, I still don't trust Sara and I don't think she'd be good for Emily. I think she'd be another Ali (before she turned good) and she doesn't need that right now. But what was up with Emily first being the third wheel at the lunch date with Sara and her friend and then Emily acting all antsy at the end really pushing for them to leave? I just thought that was odd.

Let me just say, I'm glad they didn't (or probably more likely weren't able) show us how the girls removed their trackers and it's about time they did too! At first, I was with Spencer. Yes, keep them in because then you might be able to trick Charles, but if you want to set up a trap for him, then having those in won't do much good. But Emily, you destroying yours has bad idea written all over it.

Oh poor Toby. Thank goodness nothing totally bad happened to you like I thought it was going to. But now that he took those awful candies that the lady gave Spencer, is Toby going to lose his job? Ugh, poor guy. If it wasn't for him, they might have actually caught Charles, but then again, we still have two more episodes before that happens.

At least Mona can seem to have somewhat of a happy life right now. Her and Mike made up! So nice to have him back. He was so sweet to Mona giving the dolls of Aria to her and he was even sweet to his sister. Boy he's changed a bunch since the first season. I hope that he and Mona can make it. I wasn't for them at first, but now I think they are good for each other and they make a cute couple.

Another Charles' clue at the end. A video of them at his birthday party. Thinking it was for a cousin, but in reality, it was their brother. Jason is taking this whole Charles thing pretty hard and has sadly, started drinking again. Makes me wonder if that's why he had a drinking problem in the beginning? Then the -A moment of the week. Charles unwrapping a family photo of him taken at his birthday party. Maybe one of the last few happy memories he had. I really wonder why he turned out so badly? Because it looked like in the video, he was doing really well. I guess I'll just have to wait until the summer finale for those answers.