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Who Is Charles?: My Theory

Like most people who watch this show, they've probably come up with crazy theories and some of them may actually be right, on who Charles is. Marlene has even said several times that most of us have figured out the true story and it's only a matter of time before we will know who was right. It looks like that time is drawing near when the mid-season finale will premiere in a few weeks. Who will finally be unmasked as Charles? Well, here's my theory:

I believe it's Wren. Hear me out. Wren is older. Now we haven't really known him that well to totally know if he's crazy like Charles or he could be the friend that took over for Charles if Charles really is dead. But I don't think Charles is. One of the biggest things I've always thought was odd is when Wren misspelled a medicine. He's a doctor and sure, you can misspell things, but still, I don't know if Mona would have pointed something out so simple without it meaning something. Then there's the whole thing of him drawing in a coat red at the end of one of the episodes of season 3.

It was also said that in season 3, Charles took over when Mona went to Radley. Wren visited Mona a lot in Radley and he claimed he had patients there. Those two things add up. Maybe Wren is the friend that befriended Charles. Now, I'd be shocked if I was right about this, but Wren is the only one who hasn't been totally cleared of all charges. Well, that and we haven't seen him for who knows how long. And for a while there, there was something posted saying if you watched certain episodes in season 3, that you can see Charles unmasked, you just don't know it's him. I looked up those episodes and Wren was in all of them or almost all of them. 

I was right about why Charles was sent away. Not like those many rumors about Charles wanting to be a girl and that's why he was sent away. I just knew that it had to be deeper then that. Charles wouldn't hurt the girls this way without having something else going on in him. I've watched way too many detective shows to know that. Charles wanting to kill his siblings at a young age is a much better explanation. It would explain why he doesn't care that he hurts these four (five if you count Ali). Of course, I think there might be more of a background with that then him just being sick. Targeting actually six girls (let's not forget Mona), for 3 seasons is more of someone holding a grudge for something awful then just being sick. Of course, it could be that too. I don't know too much about child development and that whole business. Still, I think it's going to be an interesting ride with however they wanna pan out. Oh, I also believe that the story Ali told in the first Halloween episode was true, but she just only heard it as a scary story and has blocked the memory of what actually happened. Like the whole thing with Jason and his imaginary friend deal.

But even if it's not Wren, I still believe that Charles is someone we know really well and it'll be a shock when it's revealed. I am excited for it to finally come out, but nervous at the same time and also not even wanting for it to happen because then I know my favorite show will end soon. 

So, do you agree with my theory? If you do or you don't feel free to comment below and tell me your theories as well.