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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "S.O.S." Season Finale Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is it bad that it took like the whole season for me to get really back into this show? Not that the whole journey with Skye hasn't been interesting and if we didn't know that before hand, it probably wouldn't have made the season finale quite as exciting, but I felt like it finally got back on course. It got exciting and I had no clue what was going to happen next. Not to mention that cliffhanger! 

Remember the peaceful place that I once thought of where Skye was at? Well, my inclination was way off on that. I normally can spot trouble, but with them, they had me fooled. I guess that was the whole point, though. Skye's mom was down right evil. Who would have guessed it? I mean, she's the only that helped Skye harness her awesome powers, but I guess that was her intentions the whole time. To get as many people to like her and the bam, break out the war.

Literally. She's the one who started this who mess they are in and turning it around all on Shield and even making it out to be that Skye could have possibly been a double agent this whole time. Who knew that Skye's mom's special "healing power" was to actually kill innocent people. Hearing her transformation from Kal was just awful. But seeing him transform into what he is now, was pretty cool. Him realizing it was his wife that was making him be evil, not him, and now he has a fresh start, it was pretty cool what they did for him.

Man Grant, how can you be so evil but I still somehow like you? You are one creepy good interrogator. Doing all those horrible things to Bobbie to try to get "closure" for your girlfriend. Is closure the new way of calling "killing people who harmed you"? Well, I guess it is shorter to say, but it's not really closure. I never thought for a minute that Agent 33 really knew who Grant was and it was confirmed when Bobbie was saying all those things. I do think in some weird way, that Grant had feelings for Agent 33. Man, May to have your revenge on Grant go that way, was, I know it's bad to say, but pretty cool. I had no clue that was her intentions. To make Grant think it was May, but in reality it was Agent 33 and now she's a goner thanks to Grant. But that starts a whole new thing with him. He wants some sort of names and now he's the new leader of Hydra? Didn't quite understand that, but man, that's never a good thing to have someone like that be in charge.

Really? After all that Hunter did for you, you are just going to leave him out to dry? Bobbie was so brave. Standing in the line of fire to let Hunter live. I thought she was a goner, but surprise! She lived, yay! I was thinking "no, don't kill her off, I like her!". But really? Do that to the poor guy who thought he had seen her killed?! They must just like to do that to couples. But is May getting back together with her husband? Seemed to be that way. I hope so. She deserves some happiness. 

Kal actually turned out to be a good guy. I was surprised. I think Skye would have killed her mom if she had gotten a chance, but there's the whole "I'm sucking the life out of you" (literally), thing that she was pulling on Skye that Kal had to step in. It was sweet that he didn't want Skye to live with the pain of killing her mother. 

Fitz finally seems like he's back to himself! Yay! But I wonder what will happen when he finds out what happened to Simmons? I mean, he was partly to blame for what happened. Really, all of that had to happen right after they finally had a moment? Where Fitz finally had the courage to ask Simmons out where Simmons I think because of the whole Bobbie thing, was able to finally realize her true feelings for Fitz? I mean, I knew there had to be a cliffhanger coming. A show like this doesn't end without one. But really? That evil alien thing whatever is, to take Simmons like that? Someone surely has to realize she's missing. But if it wasn't for Fitz "opening" the box, nothing would have happened. So, what's in store for the show now? I really hope nothing bad happens to Simmons. She's like my favorite on the show. Since I watched it now, I don't have too much longer to wait, but still, a whole month still seems like a long time.