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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Season Finale Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, it took almost the whole season for me to love the show again, but I felt like part of the second half of the show and especially with this one, it got back to the way I loved it from the beginning. Them all working together on one case. Not going off in their own directions. Not that that's a bad thing, but they haven't had too much together time. Almost to the point of me wondering if certain people didn't like other people on the show. Let's hope that's not the case. However, with the season finale, they all worked together and we had plenty of Danno and Steve time, which is my absolute favorite. 

Aside from it being a 2 hour episode, the only thing that connected the episodes, was the Chin/Cousin issue and the Kono wedding. The two cases were pretty exciting, though. Glad the first case didn't end up with the guy killing the bad guy and himself like he had planned to. But the second case was a bit surprising. Come to find out that the guy the needed they had all along, but they just had to crack him. Since Steve doesn't totally go by rules, like at all, he was able to get somewhat info out of the guy in order to figure out where he put the bomb at. Which also made for one exciting helicopter ride when they had to get rid of it before it went off. Thank goodness they survived that! I wasn't sure for a second there.

Catherine is back! I knew she was coming before I watched this one. That's what happens when you get so far behind on shows. But it was still awesome to see their reunion. I'm glad she didn't call Steve to let him know she was coming home. Since she's back, is she back for good? Like do a I hear wedding bells in the future for Steve? It was nice to have Catherine back. I felt like it added something in the show that I missed, that I didn't know I missed until she came back.

Aw Danny, I love how you have such a big heart for your family. Even if it's hard to get along with your ex and I understand, I totally don't agree with her keeping that secret from you or from your own son for that matter, but still, I really like the fact that you try to keep it together no matter what, just for the kids. 

Ugh, seriously, guys? I've waited all season for this and still nothing? I feel like I'm reliving the whole Castle no wedding thing a couple seasons ago, but it's not quite as bad, seeing as I know no one is seriously hurt this time. But still, no wedding? Why guys, why? At least Chin didn't end up getting hurt or worse, like what I was thinking, but his cousin is still at large and I know Chin won't stop until he gets his cousin locked up for good. Even if we had a quick wedding at the end, I wouldn't have minded that either. But seriously? I'm so bummed we didn't get to see it.

Ok, with that rant over, other then that, it was a pretty good episode. Though it wouldn't have been totally bad if Chin would have like gotten kidnapped or something to leave us with a little bit of a cliffhanger, but maybe they didn't even know if this show was coming back yet, so they didn't want to risk it. Either way, I still enjoyed it and I hope they actually go back to more of these kind of episodes when they come back again.