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Once Upon A Time "Operation Mongoose" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's the villains times to shine, but as heroes. You know what, I actually kind of liked it. I don't know if I would have liked it to have stayed like that, since some characters that were villains once were now heroes, I didn't totally like how they turned out, but it was still cool to see some of them happy for once.

My favorite had to be Rumple. It was awesome seeing him finally be the hero for his family that he always dreamed he could be. To have a happy memory of when his son died, only not all darkness had left him. He still kept that from his wife (yep, he's married!), Belle. Which just made the evil come out of him again when he realized what he had to do at the end to keep the life he likes the way it is. My least favorite was probably Hook. Normally this brave pirate who's changed because of love, but still would do anything to protect people, is now kind of a wimp in this version. I was like "Really? How disappointing". But oh well, glad it didn't last long. It was interesting to see the story switched for Regina and Snow White. Regina accidentally killing Snow White's true love (James, the twin brother of David) and then Zelena being the one who was going to marry Robin.

Finally, an episode where Henry was more of a front runner then a scene here and there or barely at all. That's the thing that's bugged me the most about this season. Henry went to being really important  (hello, if it wasn't for him, all the townsfolk would still be stuck in the same time thinking that they weren't anything special) to hardly being there at all. It was nice to see him be the one like he was in the beginning. Positive, trying to make everyone believe that this world they were in wasn't the world that they were normally in. To try to fix it.

No matter how much Isaac wanted to change the story, little things always found it's way out to help them get back to normal. Or what I like to refer to them as "loop holes". The first one being, Emma. He tried to write her completely out of the story, but he couldn't do it. Maybe he thought he had, but nope. It was just because of Snow White (who's the evil queen in this version) locked her up in a far away jail.

The second loop hole was when they were actually able to get sent back home. The whole ending changed when Henry realized he was the new author! Loved that it came to that and I believe the apprentice. I think they finally found the right man to do the job. It was because of him that he was able to undo everything. That meant Hook coming back to life (oh yeah, he died, glad that wasn't real like I thought it was - yep saw a spoiler, that's what happens when you are so far behind) and everybody going back to the way it was. It was a nice touch that everybody remembered what had happened instead of them forgetting.

But it's not over yet, they always have to bring in something for the next season. Whether it be a new fairy tale character or something else. Well, actually I think this is the first time they haven't done a fairy tale character as a new story for the next season. Yes, again I knew what was coming, I just didn't know how they went from A to B and it was something I wasn't expecting at all. For Emma to save Regina from becoming the Dark One all because Emma didn't want her to sacrifice her happiness that she worked so hard for. Regina does deserve to be happy. So does Emma and hopefully she won't be like that for long.

So, will Rumple live? What will Belle do when/if he wakes up? But if you think about it Rumple "dies" almost every season then having some magical way for him to come back. Henry hoping he could write his real father back into the story was just so sweet, but then him destroying the pen when he realized he didn't want all that power (well that and he couldn't do what he wanted with it). What will happen to Emma? Will she stay the Dark One forever? Well, we will just have to wait and see.