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Person of Interest "YHWH" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

As I watch the last few intense seconds of Person of Interest, my hand is over my mouth and then it cuts to black and I go "That's it?!". I've been waiting for an edge of my seat season finale and I finally got one.

I honestly don't even know where to begin my review for this episode. So, I guess the beginning is the best place to start. We start off with Elias and John trying to get out of their mess and now Dominic wants Harold to join it too do who knows what, but he's busy off doing random things that will all come together by the end of the show, with Root for the Machine, so much to his dismay, he has to leave John in the dust. 

Root however, trusts the Machine (maybe a little too much), told Harold that it was going to be alright because she needed John in the Machines 'master plan'. So she does end up saving him in her own cool way. Yes, they get out alive in that situation, but in the end, a few kind of important characters die that I was sad to see go. Surprisingly enough.

I never understand those weird errands that Roots goes on for the Machine. But for once I did, well to an extant. All those random things actually lead to their safety or so I hope, seeing as we don't even know if they got out alive.

Well, technically, there's only one death I was sad to see. Elias'. All because of Greer. He's basically in charge, if I understand what he was saying. Or maybe he's right under Samaritan. This whole big "attack" thing that the creepy control lady thought was coming, was all just one big test for loyalty! Yep, that's right, he wanted to find out who would stick by him or crumble under the pressure and I guess she failed, big time. Just when I was starting to kind of like her too. Because for once I was hoping someone would shut down Samaritan. See that this wasn't the best solution ever, but sadly, that may never be, since she was sent off to who knows where. Watching her team die all because she's the one that led Greer to them. I don't know who's worse, Samaritan or Greer. 

Not only do we not know if our amazing team lives, but we aren't totally sure if the Machine made it or not. Ok, I know it's just a machine and not human, but that message he sent to Harold during their last few seconds together, almost made me cry. I was like "No, it can't die!". Hopefully enough did survive for Harold to recreate it and hopefully they will get out alive.