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Pretty Little Liars "Game Over, Charles" (Summer Finale) + My New Theory

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"That was it?!" was pretty much my reaction after seeing the big "reveal" of Charles tonight in the summer finale. To be honest, I'm disappointed. I thought it'd be thrilling, a shock, like everything falling into place, but I still feel like I have more questions. Most of them were answered, sure, but some of the answers for some of the other questions don't add up. I totally feel the same way as when they told us that Shauna was -A a couple seasons ago. Like really? That's it? Come on guys, that doesn't add up. I'm working on a new theory and I'll get to it in the minute.

The minute they revealed Cece as Charles at the very beginning mind you (which was also odd, they usually save those for the end), I was sad. Like really? They did go that route? But when she was revealing everything. Why she did what she did and became who she became, there are some snags in the plan there. 

First, wasn't Cece always in Radley? Ali knew that. Wouldn't they have tried to keep that a secret from everybody? Not to mention the whole story of who killed Toby's mom. Right then, ok not right then, I didn't realize it until I had come online to see what everybody was thinking, that that whole story was false. Bethany couldn't have outed Toby's mom seeing as she clearly was alive when Toby was a teenager "dating" Jenna. Either that was a giant mistake or that was a mistake on Cece's part when she was giving her "tell all speech" and giving us fans a clue and going, oh this isn't the real one, yet. 

Big questions answered. Wilden was killed by Cece. Sara was Black Widow (how in the world is that possible too?!) and is now Red Coat. Still don't know who killed Jessica (one of those unanswered questions that nobody thought to even ask - weird?). Cece hit Ali thinking it was Bethany coming to harm Jessica that night. Mona is the one who actually ended up killing Bethany (so why did Melissa think she did it?). Yeah, I think I got everything there. Oh and plus, Mona hit Hanna with the car! The look on Hanna's face was just awful. I felt so bad for her knowing her friend had hit her that night.

The time jump, I've gotta admit was pretty awesome. Even though it was sad to see everybody leave, but it's nice that they were finally able to move on. Or are they? That preview for the winter premiere looks like it may not all be over like they think. Which leads me to my new theory. 

I've seen this done before on shows and it would totally make sense with how they want the rest of the show to go. Because I am thinking that season 7 will be the last season. I think the real Charles is going to pull the girls back together. -A is good at that thing, though. Making them all become friends again because of some awful dude. Now here's my theory. I think the night Cece/Charles was able to be let out of Radley for Charles' "funeral" was for her and Charles to switch places. Charles would be out in the world without anyone knowing he had escaped. Would be the perfect invisible identity and would come to reason as he would sign things with -A. A is for Anonymous remember? That was even said a couple seasons ago. Charles would be mentoring Cece on what to say so she'd make sense in this whole twisted thing. Cece is probably right when she said "This game is like a drug, you can't stop". But the minute she slipped up with the whole Toby's mom dying, I knew there had to be something off with this whole thing. Then I had hope when in the winter preview the girls come rushing into school saying "HE's coming for you". They looked mighty scared and so did Ali. Could that mean the texts have started again? That Charles did this all to make them think it was over and he'd strike when they least expected it? He's done it before and it wouldn't surprise me if he did it again.


  1. Mona didn't actually kill Bethany. She died from suffocation from being buried alive (dirt in her lungs in the autopsy) which was Melissa's doing.


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