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White Collar "Au Revoir" (Series Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, they weren't kidding when they said they saved the best con for last. Because that had to be one of the coolest finales ever! It kept me guessing until the last minute. Hoping for just a second that Neal was one step ahead the whole time even until the last second and he sure was. Even if he wanted to make you think differently.

That's exactly how Neal wanted you to think. To make you think that Neal wasn't one step ahead the whole time. That he actually did end up dying that day, but little did we know, that he truly was and I think the only person that knew that at the time was Mozzie. Sure, he had that whole big act in the morgue, but I believe it was just that, an act to fool everybody. Neal wouldn't do something that tragic without letting his best friend know.

He sure had me fooled. Though I was hoping that that wasn't the end. That Mozzie was right, Neal had a back up plan. When we didn't see anything for the longest time, I was starting to have some doubts, but once Peter sniffed that cork, I knew Neal, after a whole year, had sent his friend a clue. That he was indeed alive.

This whole last season was quite a ride. I'm glad I watched it all in one fell swoop. Watching it in bits and pieces would have been confusing and not quite as enjoyable. 

Still, I'm sad that this will be my last review of White Collar. This show ended way too early, but then again, it couldn't have gone much further either. With Neal wanting out and Peter and Elizabeth having a baby (who they named Neal, btw, totally sweet!), it only seemed natural for them to move on. Still, it's sad that we will no longer see Neal and Peter working as a team. Mozzie with whatever thing he's into that week and his crazy conspiracy theories. Elizabeth being one of the coolest moms out there. Even the team itself moved onto DC while Peter stayed behind. I think he stayed behind more of a not wanting to forget about Neal kind of thing. Because everything reminded him of Neal. 

That look on Peter's face when Neal's plan came into focus for him was probably the best. Well, that and actually seeing Neal living the life he always wanted in Paris (so jealous, btw). I had a sneaky suspicion that Mozzie left the wine bottle for Peter on the stoop and the "I'll see you around Suit" was his way of saying goodbye to his old life and meeting his friend in the city of lights. Au Revoir White Collar, you'll be greatly missed.