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Castle "XY" & "XX" Season Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, after reading some comments on the episode, I was starting to get a little nervous about watching it. Since I'd say half of the comments on the conclusion were negative. Then it got me thinking, "Is it gonna be bad, like with the Castle conclusion last year?". After watching it myself though, no, it wasn't bad and I can see why people were upset with it. I am one of those people myself, but it was still an amazing episode, though. 

I really had no clue how this story was going to pan out. For a little while there, I was thinking it was going to come off as Kate was a spy. Which would explain everything, but then again, it would be a bit of a let down if I had come up with that within a few minutes of watching it. I guess why I enjoyed it so much, is that it wasn't anything like I expected at all. Especially with that ending. I was so hoping Rita (who is just as fun as the rest of the family), would knock some sense into her. But Castle should know, he taught Kate this when they first met. To get deeper into the story until it's solved.

Sure, I can see where Castle is coming from. He doesn't want to lose the love of his life with her walking out on him. But she's not walking out on him. They aren't getting a divorce. She just has to finish the story. See to it that no one else gets hurt, like her husband or his daughter, etc. 

Aside from all that, I have already loved the new way the show is going. The PI office looks way more amazing then it did in the beginning and I can already see all the fun things Castle is going to have with that. He already had fun when he ended up saving the day at the end there with the gun trick (that he actually caught it this time!) making the guy they were protecting jealous of him because of it. Not to mention the awesome hidden room he installed making Espo and Ryan almost late to the party when they were distracted with all the cool toys in there. 

What is Lock Set? I thought Castle's idea to flush out the guy in charge was brilliant, only to find out that the big guy in charge still had another play in hand. To plant someone to get them off the trail. Of course, that doesn't dissolve any of Kate's obsession on the case at all. They are off the hook, but for how long? Who really is in charge that he knows just about everything that goes on? That he can get his hands on anybody at any time? It's a scary thought to wonder who might possibly be that. Killing Bracken was a move I didn't see coming. Seeing as the guy was partners with him in helping keep Bracken's killings off the record for so long. But maybe Lock Set is some sort of key word that once that gets out, it means it's time to tie up that lose end.

With Castle renovating his PI office, that takes on a whole new meaning now that Kate walked out of the picture for now. Yes, I say for now because I know she hasn't left the show. Not that I've heard anyways. This could be like the Kono story in Hawaii Five-0. She was gone, but we still saw her once in a while trying to figure out what was going on. However, does that mean Castle will take jobs at his PI office since Alexis has already kind of created a name for him? What will the NYPD office do without a captain? Who will be next in line? Yes, I can see why fans are upset on why Kate left. Her and Castle always work things out together. She just can't this time without putting him in grave danger. Aside from that, I totally enjoyed the two parter and love how they have changed the show. Even for someone who hates change on a show that was already doing pretty well, that had me a faithful viewer after all these years, is still excited for the new beginnings this show will undoubtably have in the future.