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Dancing With The Stars: Season 21 Premiere Review

My Monday's are a 3rd of finally getting back to normal with the season premiere of DWTS! I was a little iffy about this cast since I didn't totally recognize anybody's names. But once they got into their "you may know me from", I actually did end up knowing a few of them, it's just been a long time since I actually saw them. But that's one of the fun things I like about the show. Getting to see stars you loved do something like this now.

How did the premiere go? Well, it was a little rough at first, but towards the middle, I really saw it coming together. Is it bad that since I've watched this show long enough, that I already have a list of who might go home in the double elimination (yep, how cruel to already have one of those first out of the gate!)? I normally am right, too. But once in a while, they do throw curve balls or should I say the people who vote, throw curve balls and someone you never thought would go home in a million years, actually did end up going home. Hey, I've seen it happen in past seasons.

I was actually really impressed with Bindi and Derek (but then again she is partnered with Derek). The only word that came to mind my was a firecracker to describe her, but not like in a bad way either. She was amazing, but she had so much energy! Again, I mean it as a good way, though. She really lit up the ballroom. Another one I think might go far is Nick Carter. Yep, one of the band members of Backstreet Boys is on the dance floor! He was one of the ones I was really curious to watch. Of course, he does have some dance moves already, since you know, his boy band and everything, but I wasn't sure how it would all go. I was actually very impressed with his dance. 

Alexa Vega is all grown up! I didn't remember her until she said where she was from (Spy Kids) and then I could totally see it. She also surprised me. She has some natural talent there. But she could be in for some trouble, since her husband, Carlos, who also did very well and is on my favorites list, is also in the running. The first married couple to compete on the show. I wonder what Len would think about that?

Speaking of Len, the ballroom did feel a bit weird without him there. Hey, he may be harsh, but he knows what he's talking about. Not saying that the other judges don't know what they are talking about (Carrie-Ann is my favorite), but still, it just felt weird to have him not there since I'm so used to him being there. Hopefully this is just a one time thing and he'll be back next time.

In the end, it ended up being one surprising premiere and I can't wait for more to come!