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Hawaii Five-0 "Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana malie (Do Not Disturb the Water That Is Tranquil)" Season Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ready to go on a fun treasure hunt? That's what the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 decided to do in their newest season premiere. At first, I was a bit annoyed (not to mention a little confused and I was also thinking "am I even watching the right show?") with how it wanted to go, but I decided to put those feelings aside and just watch the show.

You know what, it actually turned out to be quite a fun ride. Sure, it reminded me a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure, but still, it was fun and it still had those moments that made it a Hawaii Five-0 episode. It seems like to me, that they might be trying to put the stuff back in there that I've missed. More Danny and Steve time. More Kono time and more of the team working as a team. Not just doing their own things.

Jerry, who is filling in for Kono while she's on her honeymoon, is actually a real asset to the team this time. Not that he isn't normally because I love his character, but he really does come in handy this time. With all his knowledge on conspiracy theories, it actually paid off. He's the one who helped solve where the "treasure" was (a total let down since it was fake - or is it?). But if the treasure is real, they might have bigger issues. It wasn't an all serious episode. Steve might be the one who gets to have a wedding next. He's decided to pop the question to Catherine! I for one, couldn't be happier. Since I am a huge Catherine/Steve shipper. 

Finally! Kono and Adam got to have their wedding. I was totally mad last season when we didn't get to see that happen. I was still a little upset that we didn't see the wedding part, but just the reception part. But still, at least they got married. However, it's not a blissful honeymoon like all first time married couples dream on having.

Gabriel decides to crash their honeymoon with him and his goons in order to threaten Adam to give him a whole bunch of money. To do what with it, we don't know, but with everybody else thinking that they are on their honeymoon and not wanting to disturb them, they have no clue what's actually going on until the very end. You gotta give it to this couple, though, they take the through thick and thin part seriously enough to actually do something that could be worse in the end, so they can get out of their situation. Yep, Adam decides to give the money to the jerk in order for Kono to not get tortured anymore. 

Not as easy as it sounds, though. Not when Kono proves just how awesome she is, when she kills her captive and escapes to hopefully save Adam. I put hopefully because I'm actually not sure if he'll make it. You see, there was a horrible shoot out when Gabriel realized that Kono was there that ended up with Adam getting shot pretty badly. Have no clue how he's doing, since that's where they decided to end the episode. With Kono in the hospital waiting to hear news. But since Adam doesn't have the money to buy his freedom, what does the future hold for the newly married couple? Will they ever have a happily ever after? They might have to work at it, but hopefully they will get out of this scrape like they have with the others.