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NCIS "Personal Day" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, they weren't kidding when they named this episode "Personal Day". When just about everything in this new case they were dealing with, dealt with Gibbs personally. Hey Gibbs, if I'm not mistaken, isn't there a rule on letting the case get to you personally and if it does, that you should step away from it? So much for following your own rules. 

Mitch, the desperate DEA officer trying to land Benson (some new big bad that he's been trying to catch for a couple years now), is working their newest case with them when a marine officer goes missing. However, Benson isn't some new big bad after all. When Tony puts two and two together after being sidelined and stuck on paper work, he realizes what's really going on.

Benson was somehow involved with all the wife/daughter/father shooting with Gibbs all those many years ago. The father of Mitch was the one who was protecting Gibbs' family that day that ended up dying. Benson is somehow tied into this and Mitch (maybe Gibbs too) is out for revenge. 

Gibbs is determined to stop some more bad things from happening and he actually does this time. But what's up with this new look that everybody was talking about? Because I just don't see it. Well, not until the very end when I realize what Gibbs has been doing with Tony the past couple of episodes.

Here I was starting to get mad at Gibbs for what it looked like, blaming Tony for what happened to him. It's like, "Seriously?!" No one can be blamed for Gibbs getting shot at. But it wasn't that at all. Gibbs is thinking on retiring! Ok, he didn't actually say it out loud, but it was pretty much there if you listened. Asking Tony to do paper work, making sure his team is taken care of and the real clue, if Tony really would love to be in charge. Hey, we saw it a few seasons ago, but if that's the case, the show would die without Gibbs.

Don't get me wrong, Tony is my all time favorite character on the show, but Gibbs makes NCIS. The show still hasn't survived it's loss of Ziva (which I'll say again, it was her choice to leave!) and if Gibbs does walk off into the sunset, the show will too.