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Scorpion "Cuba Libre" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Get in touch with your inner feelings, was the main theme of Monday night's episode. Which isn't bad at all, since one of the members (eh em, Walter), is still being stubborn on admitting that he has any when he clearly does. I wanted to yell at him "Oh just admit that you have feelings already! Because everybody else already knows".

Their new case wasn't sent down from the directors office this time. In fact, it was from someone Gallo knew in his past and Walter (yes, Walter), took the case on since he felt sorry for her. Someone who desperately needed help on getting this awful guy that almost destroyed her future. Well, he destroyed her family, but if it wasn't for Gallo, her future too.

So, clearly he has feelings. It showed then and when he even looks at Paige, you can just tell. He just won't admit to anything, since it's not logical to do something based off of feelings. Yeah right, that won't get you too far in life there buddy. But that's why Paige is there. To help him realize that in more ways then one.

There's more love brewing too. Even though Toby's ways are sometimes annoying, they are work. They worked so well that by the end of the episode Sylvester was ready to tell Megan that he loved her! I wonder what Walter would think of that? It's so cute, though seeing Sylvester like that, but in turn, Sylvester pointed something out that either Toby didn't see in himself or he just didn't want to see. Believe me with Toby, it could be either one. 

I knew the minute they arrived in Cuba, that the case wasn't going to be super easy, get the stuff and done, type thing like everybody was saying. Otherwise, that would have made for a very boring rest of the show. But nope, it wasn't. It led from one thing to another to almost getting caught and thrown into Cuba jail, which doesn't sound pleasant by the way they were talking about it. 

Btw, loving the new director. Even if she doesn't say she's in charge of the case, she still tried to hold off the plane for as long as she could to get her people out of their safely. Having someone that's in charge that backs the team like that, is a nice refreshing change. 

But where is Ralph? Have yet to see him this season. Of course, we haven't had any shortage of stories about him, though. Paige trying to explain to Walter when a good time to let some feelings go in certain situations by telling the touching story of how she ended up working at the diner that they found her out in season one. In the end, it ended up being one exciting ride that still has me hooked.